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  1. Eclipse

    Expand Food RP

    @Smoke our McChicken food truck would greatly benefit from this! +1
  2. Eclipse

    fun times for all

    You forgot me turning off power to the sun >:C
  3. Eclipse

    Mike's Republic Engineers CO Application

    May I see some of your builds on the server when you're on next, so I can determine if you fully understand how to use them?
  4. Eclipse

    First Event

    I believe the sever will be using phase 2 armour, so the battle of geonosis is before the time of the server. (I thibk) HIIIIIIII PROCTOR
  5. Eclipse

    ❄ Snows CO Application ❄

    -1, whilst you were EM you never tended to your RP, which comes before being staff.
  6. Eclipse

    Breaching charge

    It'd help if you read the description of the addon +1
  7. Eclipse

    Vaccine System

    Now imagine being a royal guard. You have no way of calling for a medic. +1
  8. Eclipse

    My time here...

    Boy I miss batman
  9. Eclipse

    Jupiter's T-mod app

    Changing to a +1, this a a mature and fit individual for staff.
  10. Eclipse

    Soy's Ban Appeal

    I know I'm not staff - Giving out information for better judgement. Within the 3 days he was on the server, he got 28 arrests, and was known by shock and riot to be a minge.
  11. Eclipse

    Automated Steamnam3s

    This isn't requesting help, this is a guide to add to the activity monitor. This is something I created because I found the current spreadsheets able to be improved. Originally, I had asked Brass if he had a like system, which they did not. Spreadsheets are mainly their job. However I've made a range of spreadsheets related to the server and it's not restricted to just government.
  12. He's still is, 15 player cap however. Whilst I was still active me @Regretstarted to talk about hosting our own D&D game written by him. Should talk to him
  13. Eclipse

    Server Rule Clarfications

    Well, in my experience, if the player is a known minge staff will deal with it, now I haven't seen you since you were kicked out of Lipri's regiment (212th or 327th) but from what I gather you fit into this scenario. Else shock and Riot should handle the arrest as it was in character. Shooting a DT because he was detaining someone is not a valid RP reason, even if he was a friend.
  14. Eclipse

    Automated Steamnam3s

    I never said they didn't get permission. I prefer to ask before I use it. I also find my system allows for easier contact with people.