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  1. Neutral Just wanted to comment on your pac examples. The pacs are pretty simple and thats fine, but if you can, can you put some pictures of your pacs with you in the editor so people know how you format your pacs and do your events and all that. It is pretty easy to just move bones without using an event and just wanted to see that you know how to actually use events and the basics of pac. Also, as many people have said, pac slots are very limited now days so in order to get them you need to be pretty good at it. Wish you the best of luck.
  2. yall on that nazi shit
  3. Bruh when I saw this in ooc i thought you were in an accident or smthn and needed donations lol
  4. Bruh China banned people from watching NBA preseason games cuz one of the team owners supported Hong Kong. But they didn't ban the actual season games lmao.
  5. Bruh how did u think this would be a good idea. At least change a few words to not make it as obvious. -1
  6. Bruh last year we got a bomb threat in our first day of finals so that was lit
  7. Bruh i was doing sum weird sh*t with pac back then
  8. There was a event when i was in scar when i cloaked into the sith temple and sat on the emperors chair then i said i was the new emperor in comms.
  9. im so bad at pac lol. idk wth im doing
  10. On my Block All American Breaking Bad Lucifer
  11. Jimka

    Galle's Pac Deadass

    Almost like it was copied off of someone...
  12. Jimka

    Galle's Pac Deadass

    Those robotic feet look very familiar for some reason...
  13. Thanks so much! Had no idea how to use pac before you made this tutorial about an hour ago. Now I even know how to spawn in models and even attach them to bones just from an hours work! Maybe ill try to change the color on the model I spawned in but that may still be a bit challenging.
  14. also y would police use flamethrowers. crowd control by burning the whole crowd isnt really a good idea
  15. +1 - Active - Responsible - Detailed App - Fun person to be around
  16. where dat fish eye lens at. slackin out here on da edits. ay sum of dos lines were steezy af tho
  17. Neutral +1 Your application is detailed enough though your pacs are quite simple, which is fine, though I would like to see more examples. If you can post another picture of the pac with the weapons on your back on here, but this time with you inside the pac editor that would be great. I want to see if you properly made the gun props go under events so when you equip them they disappear off of your back. If you show me this I will change my Neutral into a +1. Best of Luck! Edit: Thank you adding more pictures of events in your pac app. You've shown a basic unde
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