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  1. There was a event when i was in scar when i cloaked into the sith temple and sat on the emperors chair then i said i was the new emperor in comms.
  2. On my Block All American Breaking Bad Lucifer
  3. +1 Showed me a couple of his pacs through pastebin when I was in SCAR. Dingo knows what he is doing and with a little experience can become a quite talented pac user.
  4. Jimka

    Galle's Pac Deadass

    Almost like it was copied off of someone...
  5. Jimka

    Galle's Pac Deadass

    Those robotic feet look very familiar for some reason...
  6. also y would police use flamethrowers. crowd control by burning the whole crowd isnt really a good idea
  7. +1 - Active - Responsible - Detailed App - Fun person to be around
  8. where dat fish eye lens at. slackin out here on da edits. ay sum of dos lines were steezy af tho
  9. Neutral +1 Your application is detailed enough though your pacs are quite simple, which is fine, though I would like to see more examples. If you can post another picture of the pac with the weapons on your back on here, but this time with you inside the pac editor that would be great. I want to see if you properly made the gun props go under events so when you equip them they disappear off of your back. If you show me this I will change my Neutral into a +1. Best of Luck! Edit: Thank you adding more pictures of events in your pac app. You've shown a basic understanding of how to use the event feature in pac, which is good to see as in prior experiences, many people who had access pac 3 had no knowledge how to use events. On top of this, all of my encounters of you, though brief, have been overall positive. I will be changing my neutral to a +1 as I have stated before. I may recommend interacting with more people on the server because many people seem to not know you/trust you enough. Best of luck to you!
  10. ye that sums it up phat +1 from me
  11. y u make me cry so much ;_;
  12. Good story 9/10 IGN just needs more about commander jimka and the OG gang gang
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