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  1. You gotta stop downloading files from those adult sites mate
  2. Hey everyone, You might call my stay here pretty short-lived, many of you might not even know who I am. I just thought I should say a proper goodbye before I leave IG. Playing on this server has been really fun and I've met a lot of chill people along the way, especially my boys in MT/RS. I've decided to leave because I just can't maintain my activity on the server cause of everything else I'm doing IRL. See you all around... RS Staff Sergeant Maurice [Surgeon|G-7] salutes
  3. +1 I really like this idea and the amount of effort that has been put into planning it, I would like to see it go ahead. However, I'd like to suggest some possible changes: I feel like a job centred almost solely around RP would only have a niche amount of players who wouldn't get bored of the playstyle very quickly. Due to this, I think that dedicating an independent regiment to this would mean that it would be very difficult to keep it alive. Maybe if you organise the distribution of researchers like this it could reduce that issue: MHC/Navy oversees the research program as a
  4. -1 Some people brought up the point that if trespassers are always KOSed, it's easier for them to just respawn and continue to minge. However, if somebody was repeatedly minging like that I would want to see it dealt with by a staff member rather than them just sitting in the brig for 5 minutes each time. At the time, if you don't want to make it a staff issue and the minges continue to run away, the best thing I can suggest is that you call an AOS so Shock/Riot can deal with it. I can understand RST's frustration but I don't think it's necessary for them to have tasers.
  5. An idea like this won't effectively impact the entire server unless the decisions that the Joint Chiefs make result in events or policies (as Appo suggested) that involve the general population of the server. I think this idea has good potential but I think you should iron out how you plan to involve everyone on the server with an implementation like this.
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