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  1. thank you all so much for all the posative* suport much wow blow away
  2. Had help from others forming the correct wording due to my Dyslexia ty to all that help me muster the corage to make this app
  3. What is your In-game name: As of recent, I’ve taken up a new character SW Heavy SSGT Lenseflare. Others of you may have seen me playing as some of the following: ST/MT Private Wildhog CIC Commander Mine TT Officer Cadet DeagenHart TT Commander Boba Fett Knight Sergeant Harnu May TT Private DeagenHart Marauder Initiate Alrarda Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:46544971 Steam link: Steam Profile Playtime: Have you used PAC Before: Yes, I have previous experience wit
  4. +1 This guy is a pillar of the comunity the mt's are lucky to such a good brigy i recconmend* this bloke heavly for pac. - Wildhog
  5. +1 tom keegan whatever he is in rp and out of it always a great bloke to have on the server. Talented builder so events will be fancy and fun - wildhog
  6. +1 been around for ig's bith and he has still stayed ild hate to see him leave cause he has been there keeping ig fresh in the best way *sorry for the rant* WILDHOG OUT /me drops mic
  7. i agree lots of content for TOR lets do it!!
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