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  1. me sad aswell i hope u return at some stage ty for all your lovely help with all things u did like tt cmdr , Navy Kix and my fav MT kix
  2. TY all for you quick response to this post remember if your happy with what you make post it here so we can work off each other and be inspired
  3. its actually just a player model recruit so i dont know but it looks great i agree
  4. Hi all i had this idea awhile ago i wanted to make a PAC for training recruits more efficiently with the help of hologram projections however its proven very difficult with my amount of skills. I want this idea to be a public accessible PAC for all tier 1s and on wards (and maybe on the point shop for sergeants as well) to help. So members that have PAC or dont, send here some ideas so we can bring this idea to life Ill start us off more details later on this DUAL COLUMN
  5. nice results mt feeling the love
  6. the good lad said it sad to see you go
  7. i agree lots of content for TOR lets do it!!
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