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  1. 1. i did not draw attention and i merely described it as "the server" 2. i did not discuss it in a "public" place/environment 3. i did not promote in any way, just asked/answered simple questions. 1. I only found out about the "new server" on the 19th. 2. If that is the case, why was i banned on a Monday night and not on Friday. 3. The "Friend" that i was talking to was the JT commander (Konas) Who i talked to on monday NOT Friday. 4. when i was talking to the JT commander, as i said on my post, i did not disclose The name of the server and i did not m
  2. Steam Name:BassBalloon Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:86204178 In game name and rank: Lieutenant Bass How long was the ban: 4 days Staff who banned you: Cross When was the ban: 19-2-18 Reason for ban: "Advertising" Explain the situation: on 19-2-18, I was having a conversation with a friend in game, and he was asking why everyone was "leaving" the server, so we went to a disclosed area so no one nearby would hear much, all i said to him were something along the lines of "the server will most likely be up on [private]" and "Are you gonna join", it was a private conver
  3. -1, kicked me off my chair during education time so he could sit next to tucker jk i didn't care
  4. I think that it was a processing addon problem? I unsubscribed from the addons and that fixed it , I've tested it out and rejoined the server a few times and it looks like text is back to normal, thanks allot
  5. The problem is semi fixed, some of the time i log in and theres no text, and sometimes there is text, not sure why its doing this, looks like its just a glitch im gonna have to deal with.
  6. For some reason, none of the Text in the recruit room is showing up for me. Its only happening in the recruit room. Text still spawns in other places, like above bunks, Med bay, Isb, Ect. I've restarted my game, I've restarted my computer, both didn't help
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