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  1. 1. i did not draw attention and i merely described it as "the server" 2. i did not discuss it in a "public" place/environment 3. i did not promote in any way, just asked/answered simple questions. 1. I only found out about the "new server" on the 19th. 2. If that is the case, why was i banned on a Monday night and not on Friday. 3. The "Friend" that i was talking to was the JT commander (Konas) Who i talked to on monday NOT Friday. 4. when i was talking to the JT commander, as i said on my post, i did not disclose The name of the server and i did not mention any people involved, and i did not discuss this with anyone else. 5. please provide evidence
  2. Steam Name:BassBalloon Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:86204178 In game name and rank: Lieutenant Bass How long was the ban: 4 days Staff who banned you: Cross When was the ban: 19-2-18 Reason for ban: "Advertising" Explain the situation: on 19-2-18, I was having a conversation with a friend in game, and he was asking why everyone was "leaving" the server, so we went to a disclosed area so no one nearby would hear much, all i said to him were something along the lines of "the server will most likely be up on [private]" and "Are you gonna join", it was a private conversation, I did not mention the Name of the server, and i did not mention any people involved, and i did not put anything in "OOC" or "Comms" . Why you deserve to be unbanned: i don't mind if i don't get unbanned, its only 4 days, i just don't see how this clarifies as "Advertising another server", As i didn't mention a server name, and i did not discuss this with anyone else.
  3. Congrats, and good luck
  4. Make a post about your issue on the support page, i sure someone will know how to solve your problem.
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