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  1. While I have no issue with the changes so far I think the cost for swapping loadouts feels unnecessary. There already is a high cost for most armoury weapons for both acquiring and deploying them and also a high initial cost for point shop weapons that usually take awhile to acquire. To me the extra cost just does not seem logical and is more of an annoyance.
  2. Now that would be one for the history books he did come on.
  3. Some of these options I have seen being implemented on other servers only to see the server destroy itself and masses leaving. While I think that would not happen on this community I feel like it would have some negative impacts on the server that could effect its good nature that it currently has. personally I feel the current setup for the donation store at the moment is spot on.
  4. How about a chrismas charity run similar to ones we have done in the past :)
  5. If this is a thing that is going to stick no matter what peeps say please only have it so the snipers need to be Re reloaded and not the shotguns since it would not hinder shotgun users like those that have two weapons setup like mauler stated also it would still not make the exploit viable since you still need to re reload the sniper if you are trying to do it and those that are still trying to do the exploit should get in trouble.
  6. I 100% agree there has to be another way or remedying this issue instead of punishing the whole server for it. The shotgun change makes them redundant in my opinion since the shotgun is seen as a weapon used as a backup or for when EC's are up in your grill and if your a player that does not have access to any other pointshop weapons and part of your kit consists of a shotty you essentially have lost a weapon you can fall back on in close quarters when you have run out of ammo for your primaries.
  7. Interesting but most of the regiments listed here are already on the server to some degree. Arc Troopers: Imperial commandos pretty much fill this role in my opinion ARF Troopers: As kristofer as stated storm commandos fill this role Combat Engineers: This could be a thing. Be a sub division for engineers maybe. Tracker units: Might sound good on paper but might be a pain for EM's to do in events plus this is already as kristofer has said.
  8. Downvoted I beg to differ sir as I agree with this especially the bit about ego as I have seen this get worse through out my time on the server so shutup and take my upvote
  9. Could not agree more. Ever since pechudo gained the CO role SC has been doing very well as well as all the CO's within 501st. I fear if they where removed 501st would not be as it is now.
  10. Most weekends I am usually out and about with friends and family so I rarely hop on during those times. Might make a habit of hopping on every now and then if they happen more during the weekend.
  11. Man do I have perfect timing lol. make a post about lack of offships and one is happening after I make the post.
  12. Greetings all For the most time that I have been on the server actual offship events seem less and less these days EC's tend to favor using orto/building underneath the map. Aside from the recent campaign that has happened will more offship events come in the future or these days its just not viable anymore due to certain instabilities?
  13. Greetings. Awhile back while I was on the server I asked staff about an issue regarding the store that I was unable to directly donate to the server now. Recently I checked the store and still am unable to do that Is buying credits pretty much the new way of donating now or is this something that just fell under the radar? I also made a ticket on the support store regarding this but was unable to add an image since it would not let me post the ticket and It also would not let me make a reply or cancel the ticket either. also Sorry if this possibly the wrong place to post t
  14. tried it twice and this is what I got.
  15. To me this will be able to solve multiple issues. It will prevent peeps from complaining from high health EC's while EC's hopefully wont complain of running with pea shooters. If it is turning into a stomp fest would it be possible to have a dedicated EC if its a combat one as a medic when things get way too one sided? minus the defibs and bacta bombs of course.
  16. The only thing I would like to see if this did happen is prior warning/refund since prestiging multiple times only to have it removed can be annoying.
  17. Currently the way event characters are setup at the moment feel like they are nothing more than walking wooden targets as opposed to being actual threats and people have been saying being an event character now is just not fun at all. I know being an event character is not exactly meant to be fun but they should be a challenge as well and right now event characters just get absolutely slaughtered. There are a few reasons as to why I think this is happening. More veterans having powerful weapons and easier access to them to. This is probably the biggest factor that is lead
  18. It feels alot worse now than when this post was created since the amount of scatters and cyclers have increased as well as more powerful equipment for regiments. Event characters just get absolutely stomped now to the point where they are no longer a challenge. Something really needs to be done about this such as removing the restrictions for event master to use certain equipment since it will get to the point that people will only be EC's for the quest and nothing else unless it is event that has proper roleplay instead of just pew pew die simulator.
  19. Gonna miss ya buddy. Don't be a stranger and say hi every now and then :)
  20. In my opinion the unlimited ammo culture mainly came from when events occured and one mouse click of the old ammo swep gave 10000 rounds for every gun except for launchers. As much as I would like to see this change happen I fear the lets rush em culture will still continue to exist as long as EC kills still exist and heavy hitting pointshop/credit weapons such as scatter, rotaries and reallly high dmg snipers(such as the NT-242 and DLT20 i think) exist. eeeh just tell lime to go easy on his explosive addiction :D I try not to ask for too many grenades since it
  21. Greetings ladies and gentlemen. Recently the server received a overhaul to various mechanics which are very welcomed and rell received however one thing that I and many others are getting abit annoyed about it the new ammo system. Currently with this new system you spawn in with very little ammo and with some pointshop weapons none at all but you can obtain ammo from heavies as well as purchase it from ammo crates. The problem I find with this new system is when an event happens is lots of people are seeking ammo for the event but then when they get killed all that ammo is lost and
  22. Man with updates like this I have wanted to get back into battlefront 2 for awhile but peeps keep on telling me the australian playerbase is pretty much dead. Is this not the case now or did its initial release leave a stigma about it?
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