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  1. Razzle

    The Blood God

    This boi be posting all my video's
  2. I know your probably sick of me doing these but alas I am back again for more memes and dreams, what is this, the third time back? Geez I gotta stay in one place for more than a couple of months... Anyway I look forward to seeing all you hardcore memers in sexy Clone Armour/Jedi Robes! Kinda feels crazy that 370 days ago lil ol'Razzle first decided to download Gmod and give SWRP a red hot try, its been a rollercoaster of a year but feels good coming home to my IG roots where it all began for the anniversary. Ill try to keep the cringe to the lowest but its safe to say that I wouldn't be in this world anymore if it wasn't for this Aus SWRP community that we have going, I'm extremely thankful to all for contributing to the community even if I haven't met you yet! Would like to thank @Basil for the extremely warm welcomes! @Emerald @Delta @Flame Cant wait to see you bois again! Hugs & kisses no homo
  3. Oh god please no, no, NO... NOOOOO
  4. Razzle

    Hello There

    At least you will have another opportunity do do your Fives Death RP
  5. Razzle


    It will be good to see some old friends again @Delta @Emerald <3 Thanks for the warm welcome @Basil.
  6. Razzle

    Random Moments #1

    Very Good, Keep Them Coming
  7. Destiny 2 is now free for all who claim it before November 18. This is not a drill! All you have to do is make a Battle.net account and claim it in the 'gifts' section This contains the base game only, no DLC's are included! Also it is not a trail, you get to keep it!
  8. ---When you really like Skyrim but you also really like Star Wars RP--- Hey, you Trooper. You're finally awake Respawned. You were trying to cross the border Stealthily Infiltrate ISB, right? Walked right into that Imperial Imperial Deathtrooper ambush, same as us, and that thief Mingy ST over there. I'd be a lot happier and a lot warmer with a belly Rebel full of mead Blaster Bolts. No lollygagging Minging! I'm not a man Minge, I'm a weapon Rule Abiding Trooper in human Comedy Gold form. My favorite drinkin Minging buddy! Lets get some mead Warns! Staying out of trouble, kinsman ST PVT With Gun Off Safety? Looking for work Something To Do At Defcon 5? Find an axe Unguarded MH1 Control Room and bring me Press all the wood Lockdown And WeeWoo Buttons you can chop Stealthily Get Away With. Now its 3:31am and i need some sleep, lets keep the Star Wars RP puns rolling down in the comments bellow!!! -Razzle
  9. You had a good run Robinson, have fun with your future endeavours.
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