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  1. Hmmm I remember you well
  2. Hey I’m back lmao
  3. Hello if you dont know me im JimBob the great now im super active Now spin has been really supportive to me and im really great full for him helping me though my tough times even though I get that occasional jimbob you rat get over there but im fine with it he is a really supportive and ACTIVE commander who is really nice to me and stops all those haters who come at me and wanna fite so I reckon he would be worthy of pac because he is just a good guy all around your loyal trooper JimBob +1 From me
  4. JimBob

    Bossk's Foods

    what about Jimmy
  5. Never new I could read but nice app and would love to see you as a EM and that's a BIG FAT +1
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