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  1. + 1 Friendly guy and serious about his rp, Ive also seen him being very patient with minges which is hard to come by so he definitely has my vote - Cav (Spectre)
  2. +1 Little bit dicky but, took his RP very seriously which makes him trustworthy in my eyes, has my vote. - Cav (Spectre)
  3. Ghost

    Finally Back

    Heyyyyyy Boris, how's it going!
  4. Ghost

    Finally Back

    Hahahahaha thanks delta, hopefully see you on soon!
  5. Ghost

    Finally Back

    Jeez that brings back memories hahahaha
  6. Ghost

    Finally Back

    Mordecai? Is that you hahahahaha
  7. Hey guys, So most of you probably don't know me but I used to play almost 2 years ago as Ghost (with SCAR and a little DT) on this server, sadly my computer crapped itself and I haven't been able to get another one until now, so I'm back and looking forward to meeting you guys all. - [SCAR] Cav (Spectre)
  8. Ghost

    Sorry guys

    Hey for anyone that knows me or cares, unfortunately I’ve started work labouring (construction) and I’m going to be away for most days of the week, I will always try and get on as much as possible but it won’t be anywhere near as much time as I spent on the server normally, I’m really looking forward to jumping on again ( I can’t right now because the site I’m in is in Brisbane and I live an hour and a half away so it’s really hard) hope to see all you guys again soon! -Ghost
  9. Would that help or do you guys just look for pac ideas in general?
  10. Ghost


    I’m pretty certain one of the colonel’s on our server has like 15 warns haha
  11. Ghost


    I always thought warns were to be learnt from? I think what you’re doing is admirable but like, maybe a bit over-exgerated? Obviously a lot of people on this server like you, just wait the 3 days
  12. +1 however I agree with @LePaul that you should create some PAC’s to make a more immersive rp experience for other regiments / troopers. You make some amazing PACS I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to make some that do as Lepaul explained - Ghost
  13. The only thing that ticks a bell with Yam is that sometimes he can yell out “Sir!” Really loudly after reading someone’s name and rank, although I personally don’t mind it, it can be failrp when said to higher ranks. Other than that Yam is a really nice guy and has some amazing PAC ideas that I would love to see in-game. +1 - Ghost
  14. +1 never seen like minge once, always keeps his troopers in check and is always friendly when you greet him, definitely deserves pac - Ghost
  15. Hey man what regiment are you in? I’m bad with names but it normally helps when I know the reg as well
  16. Thank you @NickArino for you reconsideration
  17. Now that i'm DT should i do some PAC examples with the DT model?
  18. Definite 11/10 +1 Spin is one of the nicest guys on the server that I know, always up for a chat when he isn’t busy and always seriously rp’ing. He’s a great commander and takes his job legitimately, also he has a really simple yet effective PAC idea that I would love to see in effect. - Ghost
  19. +1, not going to lie was close to neutral because everytime I try to say hi you might reply but seem very uninterested, but then I realised you probably get that a lot so no harm done, other than that great rp’er, never seen you minge, and you have some awesome PAC ideas - Ghost
  20. Oh wait! yes i remember you hahaha, sorry man <3
  21. Thanks man, is eclipes your in-game name? because i don't reckonise it sorry (which makes me feel really bad if it is) @Eclipse
  22. Seems like a good bloke, although i don't see him rp'ing too often i asked his Captain how he is rp'ing and got the reply "no problems from him at all" so... +1 - Ghost
  23. Never had a problem, seems like a decent commander, a nice guy in general +1 - Ghost
  24. @Jackson I added some example's which are very basic but i like them
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