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  1. Ghost

    Finally Back

    Heyyyyyy Boris, how's it going!
  2. Ghost

    Finally Back

    Hahahahaha thanks delta, hopefully see you on soon!
  3. Ghost

    Finally Back

    Jeez that brings back memories hahahaha
  4. Ghost

    Finally Back

    Mordecai? Is that you hahahahaha
  5. Hey guys, So most of you probably don't know me but I used to play almost 2 years ago as Ghost (with SCAR and a little DT) on this server, sadly my computer crapped itself and I haven't been able to get another one until now, so I'm back and looking forward to meeting you guys all. - [SCAR] Cav (Spectre)
  6. Ghost

    Sorry guys

    Hey for anyone that knows me or cares, unfortunately I’ve started work labouring (construction) and I’m going to be away for most days of the week, I will always try and get on as much as possible but it won’t be anywhere near as much time as I spent on the server normally, I’m really looking forward to jumping on again ( I can’t right now because the site I’m in is in Brisbane and I live an hour and a half away so it’s really hard) hope to see all you guys again soon! -Ghost
  7. Ghost


    I’m pretty certain one of the colonel’s on our server has like 15 warns haha
  8. Ghost


    I always thought warns were to be learnt from? I think what you’re doing is admirable but like, maybe a bit over-exgerated? Obviously a lot of people on this server like you, just wait the 3 days
  9. Ghost

    Regiment Idea

    @Little5avage sorry haha didin't know, could you please remove this post
  10. Ghost

    Regiment Idea

    All good was just an idea, can this post please be removed @Ridge @Imposing @Caboose @Wolf
  11. Ghost

    Regiment Idea

    well i just because the playermodel is melee doesn't mean they have to be melee, also the loadout is optional but similar to shadow is it not?
  12. Ghost

    Regiment Idea

    Here is an idea for a new regiment i thought would be a lot of fun https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J1P-GSbAvldn--6vrZl9bKdJexIANdJjfN1cggQCJ8w/edit?usp=sharing - Ghost
  13. To clarify I’m not back yet but intend to be asap about to have my computer fixed so hopefully it should all be good after that
  14. Hey guys, hopefully a few of you know me, my in-game name is Ghost, I used to be apart of SCAR but willingly quit for personal reasons ( no I was not pk’ed or kicked out ). I’m making this post to say why I’ve been away, and the reason is that my computer won’t output the video, I’ve tried using a hdmi cord and some other video output cords but not success so I need to have my computer fixed, I hope to be back ASAP as I love this community and the server. - Ghost
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