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  1. I am a man of culture I played Wii Sports Bo2 MarioKart Sonic colors
  2. Just gonna throw in some advice (though i havent played on the server for a few months since i am taking a break to focus on school) but try to involve yourself in passive rp more and not rely on major rp such as events or stuff isb does like pks etc and more on the smaller things like interactions around the ship and medical rp but mainly focus on interactions between characters (might not be the greatest advice but it is just a general idea)
  3. I guess a fact about me is that I have red hair and one time broke my brothers collar bone by pushing him off a bunk bed
  4. I was playing it earlier and it is a lot of fun
  5. Who is this guy must be new (just kidding please don’t abuse with glow stick)
  6. Bye you were best rst besides that you are a cool guy good luck with whatever you do
  7. Hello demonic the only melodica player I know of
  8. I only came here for the swing
  9. Can’t reallly do to many Sith though since they were very scarce
  10. Do we have a loadout list for the public
  11. Ah the good old days of getting yelled at by rescue troopers for not saluting plutonic
  12. I reccomend Kamino extensive by king pommes https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=774517123 there is a smaller version of the map as well called Kamino stand-alone https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901224962
  13. I was just wondering will Kamino be a map that we use on the clone wars server whether it be for events or part of a map rotation I was just curious as nothing has been mentioned about Kamino as far as I know it would still be nice if it hasn’t been considered as a map to use on the clone wars server since there is a lot of rp you can do on the map in terms of events say for example there was a massive infection on the ship and we went to Kamino to get the clones in proper health or something like that.
  14. bosterflaming


    Do you mean zero from code geass cause I don’t remember a zero in no game no life or are you referring to the movie
  15. bosterflaming


    Hmm imperial or clone wars which should I main
  16. I think that tickle guy should be demoted due to mic spam
  17. Can place on players hmmm suicide bomber event characters if added?
  18. 4 book some money a bit more money some chocolate and a ton of food
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