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  1. I am a man of culture I played Wii Sports Bo2 MarioKart Sonic colors
  2. Just gonna throw in some advice (though i havent played on the server for a few months since i am taking a break to focus on school) but try to involve yourself in passive rp more and not rely on major rp such as events or stuff isb does like pks etc and more on the smaller things like interactions around the ship and medical rp but mainly focus on interactions between characters (might not be the greatest advice but it is just a general idea)
  3. I guess a fact about me is that I have red hair and one time broke my brothers collar bone by pushing him off a bunk bed
  4. I was playing it earlier and it is a lot of fun
  5. Who is this guy must be new (just kidding please don’t abuse with glow stick)
  6. Bye you were best rst besides that you are a cool guy good luck with whatever you do
  7. Hello demonic the only melodica player I know of
  8. I only came here for the swing
  9. Can’t reallly do to many Sith though since they were very scarce
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