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  1. +1 Good guy Pac will help as marauder Responsible
  2. The final episode of the Gerry Saga is here (Episode I & Episode II below): If you haven't already I'd suggest watching Episode I & Episode II first: I'd like to give some shout-outs to the people who have helped in making the videos: @Kellogs Helps a ridiculous amount both in the video and behind the scenes when we're making sets and making thumbnails, love ya @AiRiiD Did a lot in the earlier videos @Caboose Tells me to stop procrastinating and being lazy (and helps behind the scenes some times) @LePaul Calling all our PAC ideas "disgusting" @Shekelburg Playing various important characters in the videos @Tuckerbox Helping make the final episode actually work @Maffa146 Being a great sport about everything despite having no idea what was going on @Deathaxx In the videos a lot @Spin Cause I feel bad for him and @Everyone Thanks for all the support from you guys!
  3. *EDIT* Name and rank change
  4. It'll all make sense eventually
  5. +1 Positives Good guy Well known Trustworthy Negatives Encourages Hayden to play Don Bradman's cricket 17 Manlet (5'4)
  6. +1 pac would make his Trandoshan marauder even better
  7. No! I want a separate video outlining the flaws in your tallying system, and congratulating me on my victory. You can get in touch with my agent (Kellogs) to get an interview for the video. -James
  8. James and Gerry are the same person.... How can you do this? This is outrageous, it's unfair!
  9. Thank you everyone for the feedback!
  10. Looking forward to seeing what you guys create
  11. Edit 2: Added a couple more PAC examples
  12. Edit: I Have added a few PAC examples that I've made so far, still working on some more....
  13. Neutral Haven't really seen you on the server that much, not quite sure if you're trustworthy?
  14. +1 Best Riot trooper ever (Excluding 'Gerry the Hero' of course) Loves RPing a lot Would never abuse the responsibility that comes with PAC
  15. +1 Good Guy Trustworthy Nice PACs
  16. What is your In-game name: Currently: Marauder Initiate James Marauder Apprentice James Marauder Novice JD Marauder Acolyte JD Formerly IC Sergeant 77 (James) RT Private First Class Gerry JT First Lieutenant James Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:61887715 Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ThatsMeJD/ Play time: 1 Week 5 Days 10 Hours Have you used PAC Before: I begun using PAC somewhat recently. I've been taught the basics by some more experienced users, and have been playing around with it in single player a fair bit. I'm still continually working on improving, but feel I'm ready to use it in-game. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I currently have no warns or bans, and am an active player on the server. I hope that in the time I've spent on the server I've proven that I'm mature and can be trusted not to abuse PAC, or break immersion with ridiculous models etc. I've never abused any of the power or responsibility I've received on the server, (Rank etc.) which I believe the friends I've made on the server can attest to. While I do like to joke around and have fun on the server, I'm always careful to keep it within RP and the rules. Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe that PAC offers a great opportunity to create a more rich and diverse role playing experience. Additionally the current Marauder models are very PAC friendly due to their simplistic nature, so having PAC would enable me to improve on this aesthetic, and create a more interesting dynamic within the regiment and the Sith as a whole. I believe that adding personality and uniqueness to your character greatly increases RP capability. Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I've been dedicated to and active on the server. I believe that I'm a friendly and approachable guy, and I've always tried my best to create interesting RP situations, not just for myself, but for the other people they involve. I believe that PAC will only improve my capabilities to do so. PAC Examples: Head and arm replacement for Marauder w/ hood and cape Helmet Removed w/ Hood and cape Meme head replacement (Gerry Jr.) Still working on some more Ideas.... Thanks for reading!
  17. -1 Agree with Plutonic and Maxine
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