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  1. or just turn your pc off and go to bed and when you wake up it will be fine since thats happened for me every other time
  2. Mord

    hey boys.

    ok thank you for the strangely edgy warning. i wont be seeing you in game cause i dont play. but hope you have fun. ill try stay safe. thanks broski.
  3. i did a similar kind of video for my own anniversary, but id like to say yours was very refreshing and had a better song choice well done splonter and its always so great to see the other perspectives of players over the years. i have only known mine for so long. heres to three more years
  4. Mord

    Part 1

    the way you have jammed japanese weeb sounding sh*t into this just ruined it all. you could have replaced a few words and be talking about a totally different time period and i couldnt have been able to tell it reads like one of those word jumble games from primary school, and after reading it i left remembering nothing and feeling nothing this is bad and i will not lie to you about that
  5. besides the fact you totally forgot a full on conversation we had the night before which made me think i was absolutely off my chops youd be a good mod +1
  6. +1 good lad developed for a server in the past i liked
  7. +1 I'll be the first to plus one this. Stathi is a competent leader, and would perform well in a staff position. I only wish he applied earlier so he could have gotten it with Risk and Ragnar.
  8. Mord

    Finally Back

    @Ghost @SoliD @Splonter
  9. Mord

    Finally Back

    bro i still have you on snapchat from scar on rishimoon with tucker and all those other fools
  10. i didn't say this this post is a train wreck if you cannot figure out how to write a post rather than replying to me and writing in the box that comes up, i absolutely cannot believe you can figure out how to do an SES course
  11. please make the pictures a bit bigger so i CAN SEE YOUR PAC EXAMPLES AND YOUR PLAY TIME
  12. Sent out my resume to 7 different companies that I can get to riding my bike. Currently working at Griffith University as a simulated patient and also doing work experience during school time to have a future full time/part time job. But thanks <3 Where did all your money go? https://www.seek.com.au/ https://www.careerone.com.au/ https://au.indeed.com/ Begging may work sometimes, but it is very sad.
  13. thats what i meant "get their mod app denied" can either mean he got it denied or he got denied just because you people cant decipher tone through text doesnt mean you have to downvote me awesome thanks!
  14. probably the first person in existence to get their mod app denied and go for event master, huge respect this man is a jack of all trades and i have never seen anyone more suited to the staff role +1 this app better not be up for too long unaccepted or im going to lose it @Delta @Morgan WHATS THE ISSUE?
  15. Would the same process need to be taken in order to make it darker? Make the lights red instead of completely off? ISDs would probably have some kind of backup power which i would imagine include red auxiliary lights or something similar. I am no mapper so i feel that i should just suggest.
  16. any step we can get closer to rishimoon is a step i can support
  17. kind of complex, nobody gonna remember any of this
  18. Neutral/ +1 Events aren't extremely detailed, nor are they original. I know this can be hard as most things have probably been done before, but i was not wowed. Application could use some more effort, responses are short and don't bring much to the table. I don't know who you are, probably an accord to me I really like the sound of this. More of this.
  19. hey thats me in those photos also yes thankyou bailey im glad youre looking out for the community
  20. i have always loved this man although guessing how old he is is basically like splitting atoms since its so f**king hard
  21. that was sick as i really like this one too its a good song and a good edit
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