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  1. Mord

    ISB BS Episode 1

    This is our first episode of ISB Bulshittery, made by me. There is a 1080p option and the default seems to be 360p, but you can just change it. Also if it gets taken down because of the music there is a google drive link below with the video. https://drive.google.com/open?id=11ndO4XpdBkLWAYwh7qyXHKOIR4QS48Tp
  2. exactly i dont need to know your life story, vanilla
  3. Please report to hell, i’ll meet you down there. - Special Agent Kallus
  4. watched him in a staff sit with sterling and sully, handled his side of the situation badly and got pissy over very little, as if my opinion is going to affect anything anyway EDIT: for more detail - throughout a staff sit that jye called because of a shooting/stabbing mishap with sterling and dirthi, sterling was acting as if he did not want to be there and how it would be normal to act when you are being accused by someone of something you did not do, and jye took his own feelings into account and turned it into a sit all about him and how he didn't like how sterling wasn't jumping for joy that he was being accused of something he didn't do. it is really not important what the sit was originally about, the important information is that jye sucked up all the attention and turned the situation to be about him. when moderating it is important to keep your feelings out of a situation, and in this situation jye most definitely did not do so. so, -1
  5. +1 edit: I thought this was an EM app but honestly camaro would do well at either
  6. TFW the only two competent LEM counter strike players in ISB (me and @Ragetank) were playing the division 2
  7. throwback to when you arrested me for calling you a fatty o7 snoozy
  8. You are most definitely not wrong sir, the way i put it made it sound like i disagreed with the length it takes and to an extent i do, but i am sure with a bit of critical thinking there could be a better system that assesses their dedication AND time wanting it. But at the same time, you raise a very good point by saying the reason it is gratifying is because it takes so long. Well said
  9. I think the reason that this is brought up now and in the past is because it is such a process to get accepted there really isn't any point when there's so many applications up. The applications take a long, unreasonable amount of time to be accepted given there's actually a "spot" for someone to go into. Are there any lag figures on the amount of people that have PAC (other than "omg i looked at someone with pac and my fps went down!") ? What are the reasons for limiting it to such a boys club? Pac_Enable 0? Also the server crashes anyway, so won't it be beneficial to get $50-$100 every time someone pays to crash it? Cant you use a mouse macro to spam bodygrouper and crash it anyway? Icefuse had this problem last month, thank your lucky stars nobody has figured it out on here. Granted, i don't fully support this, but i absolutely HATE how the PAC application system works at the moment. Expect to see the next edition of "Change My Mind" on this topic tonight. Edit: I am not totally shitting on the current system - i personally don’t like it - but it’s worked until now so there you go. I’m just saying it’s a bit stale and might do good with some changes.
  10. How do i join? My uplay tag is dommo106 and im like level 15 or something its a good game Added you, Wolf.
  11. Mord

    10/10 Immersion

    @SCHEFF I had to copy that and paste it into notes just to be able to tell what that said on my phone. The font combined with the random capitalisation makes it uneasy on the eyes.
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