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  1. I enjoy the rotation maps as it gives the chance for troopers to interact with civilians, however... the events for them are repetitive. Base attacks (which I enjoy) are usually the only events that take place. Ryloth has other destinations to travel to with the swamp, lava and snow planets. When we went recently, we had 1 at the base and another at the snow planet and... that's it... Maybe I sound like an asshole but, is it possible to get more events to take place on other planets? I think it would be extremely fun to travel to the lava planet and take down a drug syndicate there, "they are
  2. Hey Siege, thank you for responding however Stryker was able to help me and it works now, he gave me a link to download the keycard scanner.
  3. Hello there, the keycard scanners are always displayed as errors recently and I have no idea what and why this has happened. I have the content downloaded and I have the CSS textures as well. Please help it's really hard to try to open doors when the keycard scanner is an error. Thanks Fluro.
  5. It looks like this: (Sorry about the blurry photo)
  6. Please help me support team, I try to load into the server and I keep on getting this error. Is there a way to fix it? please help Thanks Fluro
  7. Hello there, I've been trying to log into the server for the past few days and an error stating that a font was not created which resulted in the error message in console "failed creating font 'boogaloo' ". Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks Fluro
  8. Fluro

    MH1 Staunch

    Lovely, that day will be the day that Seto will remember that shooting at the Grand Moff's ship is illegal.
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