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  1. Boris

    Channing's Trial Moderator Application

  2. Hey dad....only a mention of getting yeeted in a duel reeee
  3. Boris

    Boris's Event Master Application

    Edit - Added New Event
  4. Boris

    Fallout 76 Server for IG?

    No..I'm just saying thay would be so boring...I'm there to kill and survive
  5. Boris

    Planz' Application For PAC3 Tier 1

    I've seen that wall jumping PAC from many people. Pretty sure it's a pastebin Neutral
  6. Boris

    Fish’ Very late introduction

    Sorry Dunno who you are going to have to -1 this, Sorry dude (Plz no Hurt....I juked the SG for half an hour)
  7. Boris

    Hello There.

    Greetings Brigadier!
  8. Boris

    Forums Suggestion

    I have to agree with Whitey here...I've said a lot of shit that I regret but it still has my name to it...I don't think the anonymous thing should be brought in because your words + your name = your opinion
  9. Boris

    Boris's Event Master Application

    Edit - Updated Rank, Playtime, Expanded on what I can bring to the team and Added New Passive Event!
  10. Boris

    Lyric's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    -1 Just from Forum Posts, you seem quite toxic. You are calling peoples applications that got accepted shit and I believe you don't deserve it due to this. If you can't handle this little bit of criticism you aren't worthy of PAC in my opinon
  11. Boris

    Boris's Event Master Application

    Edit - Added Event Idea 4 - Manpower Triumphs
  12. Boris

    Boris's Event Master Application

    Hello @Supersoup Thank you for your reply on my application. I understand your concerns but while I served as an Event Master on the other community I have always and always keep my OOC memes out of the events. I understand the concern about the 442nd Lieutenant and the Logistics Officer but as some people know I love my jokes. This doesn't mean I can't be serious in character as I believe everyone has to have a joke once in a while. I thank you for complimenting my events and I hope to improve further interactions with you ingame Thank You! Boris
  13. Boris

    Death Star Map Post 2

    Bruh that is more sexy then putin
  14. Boris

    Boris's Event Master Application

    Edit - Added 3rd Event Idea - Passive Onship
  15. Boris

    Kami's Pac3 Tier 1 Application

    But is -1
  16. Boris

    Boris's Event Master Application

    Edit: Updated Rank, Time and Expanded on Questions
  17. Can't Wait for the Deathsta- *ISB Agents bang on Door* I mean the Battle Station!
  18. Boris

    pinejack's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    +1 Pacs are cool
  19. Boris

    Introduction - Rythok/Segaside

    Time to the Best Welcome Ever..........Welcome Ez Clap Boyz
  20. Boris

    Boris's Event Master Application

    @Goliath Thank you for your response. I understand you may believe my events may be a bit basic but they each have their own unique features to set them apart from the events which are done time and time again. I understand the concern with my ban and yes I understand that. Yet I am no god and cannot change the past and have tried to make sure my future on IG is a trouble free one. Yet again, Thank you for your response.
  21. Boris


    Name - Boris Related Family - Royal Guard [REDACTED] AI Variations - KX-02 "Boris" Age - 23 Years Old ARC-26-A has been in service to the Rancor Battalion for over 1 Year, recently he was transferred to the ISD Chiamera where he was put under the command of ARC Captain Midnight and Major Colt. ARC-26-A was discovered on the planet of Mandalore in a remote village with a Clone Wars Era Null Squad armour, after Imperial Stormtroopers discovered him they questioned him about who he was and how he got the armour. ARC-26-A quickly pulled out an Imperial SE-14c and shot two of the Stormtroopers. Right before the squad executed ARC-26-A an ISB Chief walked in. Chief Morgan came in an lit a cigarette. "Now, I'm the only thing standing between you and those Stormtroopers coming in and blasting this place up, now......who trained you and where did you get that armour". ARC-26-A sat there thinking about these words. "Prudii, A'den and Ordo Skirata trained me, After A'den passed he left me his armour". "Null Squad....I assume your training is of the highest calibre, the Empire needs good soldiers, I'll make you a deal, you come with me and join the Imperial Army as an Advanced Recon Commando or I blast you here right now. Your choice" ARC-26-A took the offer and boarded a Lambda Class Shuttle for the Imperial Cruiser Ceribus which would transport him and 100 other Troopers to the Coruscant Facility for the A.R.C/I.C Selection test. ARC-26-A passed all the tests with ease believing the training he received from Null Squad was more challenging than the Imperial Training. ARC-266-A was accepted into A.R.C and was sent to serve on the ISD Revelation as an A.R.C Lance Corporal. After a year of serving on thee ISD Revelation ARC-26-A was sent to the Rancor Battalion on the Chimaera. After being transferred ARC-26-A quickly fit in with his new Battalion members. On ARC-26-A's first mission he was able to rack up many kills and is hoping to continue his service to the Rancor Battalion as an ARC Trooper.