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  1. Unpopular Opinion Coming In.. Hong Kong enjoys many more freedoms than their mainland counterparts. They are an autonomous territory and have largely been left to their own devices. They are an incredible asset to the Chinese Government, due to its unique financial standing. The Hong Kong protests are bloody encounters which can be described as a bloodbath with faults on both sides. Riot Police abusing their power, protesters believing it is correct to throw petrol bombs at police. These are dark times. Yet we hold this idea that this battle is for democracy, yet you fail to realise, the winner has already been decided, no matter what the government will win, and Hong Kong will stay as a dark memory for the government. The rioters I hope realise that when this all ends they will be worse off. No one will come to their aid and it should and will stay that way. No government in the world is dumb enough to support them, and within a few months time no one will care about the protests in Hong Kong. They are miniscule compared to issues we seriously must consider such as Climate Change, Drought within Rural Australia and the Invasion of Syria. What I'm trying to say is, forget about Hong Kong it is nothing but a sideshow. It is not a fight of good versus evil, it is merely the media using peoples emotions for profit. Within a few months everything will return to normal, companies will have their profits, the media will fall silent and no one on this server of forums will care about Hong Kong and its miniscule footnote in the progress of humanity
  2. Imagine sh*tposting for rep lol
  3. Boris


    @Crunchy I just finished Year 11....This is why I was quite confused about where the rest of your notes are...
  4. Boris


    Uh...Where's the notes on Labour Markets, Financial Markets, Regulatory Bodies, The Government - Elasticitiy of Demand and Supply, Notes on CGS and how the Cash Rate is Affected.....Do you guys not get taught that or what?
  5. can I make a team of people who've left the community
  6. Ily delta, no home You are a real uh "African American"
  7. @Marsh boutta hit the rewind to Commodore Versio or ISB Chief Maxine?
  8. This happens every week. I know it sounds morbid but the country is f**ked over there in the head. Mass Shootings happen everyday, yet people stop caring after a week. When you're exposed to an event so many times it loses all the shock value. It's a sad situation but I predict they'll be another one within the next 2 weeks....
  9. I just looked at my cat and decided I'll steal his name
  10. +1 Maxine has been a great Moderator on IG before and served the community faithfully, I believe certain criticisms of Marsh are correct, yet they strive to improve themselves, especially due to their new commanding position. I highly doubt most of the current staff and or users are proud of their history on the server. But I believe in looking to the future and not living in the past. Criticsing Marsh for leaving -1's on Applications, is not the way to go, you are bashing people for having an opinion. Certain Community Members see themsleves as "White Knights" - I believe Maxine doesn't show these charecteristics which means they would make a good Moderator. You don't need people to like you, its the internet, you just need to be good at your job which they have proven time and time again
  11. Boris


    I played the Piano till my Grade 8 Exam, after finishing it I kind of just stopped playing. I've played the trumpet for the last 6 years though. Other than that I don't play any other instruments
  12. +1 Gave me social suicide back in the day
  13. +1 A lot of people have had grudges against Sterling, when he's just used logic against them and evidence @Austro(You're always instigating drama, never stopping it) . Sterling was a great EM and he could do a lot for the server if given the chance to. He is a kind soul who would do anything he can for anyone (Unless they're like, Scum) So, I believe Sterling possseses all the characteristics of a good EM - Good Luck Dude
  14. To Be Honest - It might be bad to say to some people who like dreaming - Imperial Gaming is only good at making Imperials SWRP servers. DarkRP, Santos, TTT and Clone Wars - All died...Cut the losses and just stick to what you're good at
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