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  1. The Official Galaxy News Paper Date - 2BBY Top Stories of the Week Imperial Fleet Disappeared! Imperial Facility Breached! Sport Imperial Fleet Vanished Greetings Loyal Listeners, My name is Boris Jellopy, the new host of the Galaxy News. Today we have heard reports from the NIA that the 8th Fleet has disappeared. This fleet is quite a formidable one lead by Vice Admiral Jok Jik Jan who hails from our very own Coruscant. We have spoken to the NIA Director once more "Get out of my face! Agents arrest him!" Oh....Well, Umm moving on this Fleet is Comprised of 1 x Super Star Destroyer (Flagship of Jok Jik Jan) 15 x Imperial Star Destroyers 5 x Light Cruisers 2 x Carriers 1 Galaxy News Ship A Hefty amount of ships with out little Galaxy News Ship in the mix. Our Galaxy News ship picked up the last chit chat from the Super Star Destroyer "This is the Super Star Destroyer Arjak - Hailing Unknown Cruiser - Do you read me?" *Static from the Cruiser* "Prepare to be Boarded..." "Vice Admiral Multiple ships exiting Hyperspace! High level Energy weapon detected! Shields are being drained! They're firing for the Bridge!" *Static* *On the I.S.D Revelian* "Captain! The S.S.D Arjak is down! Permission to Engage!" "Alert all Ships, Deploy all TIE's, Weapons Free, Break Formation and Take them Out!" *Hundreds of TIE's flew from the Hangers, Destroyed in Minutes* "Star Destroyers are falling like flies! What is that news ship doing!" "Galaxy News Here, Prepare for you Death- *Transmission Cut* Oh...Wow seems the signal is a bit mixed up...Umm Let's just move on from that - The Entire Fleet was destroyed and we hope to never see this happen again. Sadly our Reporters died in the attack Moving onto the next Story - Imperial Facility Breached The Imperial Facility on Byss has been breached by Energy Sword Wielding Troopers. The guards at the prison describe this alien race as heavily armoured and heavily trained. The Cryostasis pod of the known criminal Boris J. had been breached and when guards had finally taken back the prison they found the prisoner had escaped. If you see this man please report this to you local Imperial Garrison Moving onto Sport Intergalactic Basketball has taken a turn for the worse with our very own Storm Trooper Team losing to the Geonosian Workers due to them not being able to see. The Geonosians destroyed the Storm Troopers 34 - 9 See you next week!
  2. Boris

    Pendragons Event Master Application

    Events are quite Boring -1
  3. Boris

    Channing's Farewell

    Bruh you don't leave without the Boris Approval, I'll call customs and the Border force But actually good luck, top meme
  4. Boris

    Rest In Peace, Stan Lee

    95 years old dude I didn't expect anything different, cool dude though
  5. Boris

    I like ferrari

  6. Boris

    Cecil's Introduction

    "Borderline FailRP with Panovis" Good sir I'll have you know that is my job and my job only. Heed this warning that if these actions are continued I will have to "Gang Gang Skrrt Skrrt" the shadow bunks Also Hi
  7. Boris

    Kahn's TMOD Application

    Apologies but as a Representative of Boris Industries Inc. We will not be supporting this app -1
  8. Boris

    More Backstory

    No Mention of Boris - Fake News!
  9. Boris

    Vevo Xenis EM App

    If you could only put 5 Minutes effort into an app you don't deserve the position, if you aren't interacting with people that isn't our fault it's yours. If you can't even be bothered to put some real effort in the app that means you really aren't capable enough for this position
  10. Boris

    Boris' Backstory

    Holy shit...That was amazing
  11. Boris

    Vevo Xenis EM App

    Hit or miss I guess they never miss, huh? You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn't kiss ya He gon' find another girl and he won't miss ya He gon' skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa -1
  12. Boris

    Boris Galaxy News

    The First Official Paper of Galaxy News 1st Issue Editor, Writer, Printer, Everything - Boris Good Day, Gentleman and Gentlewoman the names Boris and I'll be presenting this week's amazing broadcast! The Lineup Imperial Star Destroyers Destroyed? Darth Vader...A Sit Down Imperial Star Destroyers Destroyed? Wow, Our contacts at the Naval Intelligence Agency have found out that 3 Imperial Star Destroyers have been destroyed by some type of fancy new ships....We received this statement from the NIA Director. "Do not fear, This was an accident" - Which we believe is a complete lie! We sent our report Jickle R. to the "Accident Site" to do some digging and found the place was littered with the hulls of 3 Star Destroyers...Truly an amazing feat and something we haven't seen for a while, The Galaxy Newspaper has done it's own digging into the explosives and with the recovered data we can bring you the very last moments of the Imperial Star Destroyer "Arbiter". *Screams* "What is it!, 35 - 40 - 50 Ships! Shields are critical! Weapons Down! Abandon the Arbiter! Get out of here no- *Transmission Cut* Yikes, that is not the way I want to be spending my Wednesday Night dying in an Imperial Star Destroyer - The ship was under escort by the ISD Wrath and Revenant so something here doesn't add up. We here at Galaxy News have seen Rebel Fleets before but nothing of this size and power, from the Data Recorder we can see the I.S.D Wrath was taken out with one shot of a high energy weapon....We believe this to be an M.A.C Cannon (Magnetic Accelerator Cannon) which has overloaded the shields and destroyed the bridge...The Revenant was also destroyed nearly instantaneously...The Arbiter from what we can see was trying it's best to keep its shields up. I see this enemy wanted to play with its food before taking it out! We feel deeply saddened here at Galaxy News for the loss of those 90,000 Souls....But we can celebrate this great story! Moving On..A Word from our Sponsors! The Imperial Army! Enlist and Die for your Empire Today! The Sit Down with Vader... We here at Galaxy News were given exclusive access to speak with Lord Vader...Here's the Coverage with Diamond Jackson *Diamond Jackson being Force Choaked* Wow...An Amazing news Network - We are now opening applications for a correspondent Thank you for Reading the First Issue of this Mem- Galaxy News Paper Approved by the T-51B Gang
  13. Neutral You legit said you were leaving forever and then showed up 2 Days Later.....Some Clarity on that Situation Please
  14. Boris

    Arcturusious's PAC3 Tier One Application

    +1 This Post was Verified by the T-51B Gang
  15. +1 Still can't cloak though.....and duel Jk luv u spooky