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  1. It isn't Optimised - This has been stated many times whenever this is brought up
  2. Gonna have to give this a -1. Sorry dude
  3. Boris

    My time here..

    Is that the Amazing, Glorious, Sexy Royal Guard Neptune behind vader......It is
  4. Boris

    I'm leaving

    Oof Bruh - I may have done some stupid shit - But it was cool knowing you....
  5. Boris

    Permanently Stepping Down

    Yo @Mauler I don't think Tyber is ever going to get that message, some stuff happened
  6. This guy attacked the Emperor and was a SECRET APPRENTICE - Man research this shit before you put it on the Forums
  7. Boris

    Excalibur's somewhat delayed reintroduction

    Oh, shit - If Excalibur is here I assume Admonish isn't far behind?
  8. I leave this godforsaken heat of a Country and fuck off to the Northern Hemisphere for 14 Days. xd But yeah lol, Christmas for my family is just like an early Christmas Party, GIfts, Russian Food and Alcohol. Then we leave
  9. Boris

    Hornet's Farewell

    Oof it seems Begging does get you places kids But anyway Hornet - I'm not gonna say Widow Squad made me into the best trooper - But it did make me into something better than a mingey ST. You were a great Commander and Brigadier - I hope to see you in the future... Plz text me on steam dad
  10. So....the thing that @Stryker and @Kumo developed for EG (While it Existed)
  11. Boris

    Welshy Managed To Point & Shoot...

    He's okay.....
  12. Boris

    An Apology

    Bravo Scheff....This brought a tear to my eye..... But anyway xd good meme 10/10 would read again
  13. Boris

    Mike's New and Improved EM Application;

    After Reading your Application for Trial Event Master I apologise but I will be leaving a Neutral/Leaning to -1 No Warns or Bans - Good Messy Application Very Basic ULX Knowledge (Can be Taught) Event Ideas are Unoriginal Tonnes of Spelling and Grammar Mistakes Basic Answers If your Application improves so will my response. Regards, Boris
  14. Boris

    DreamZzz/Khronos|Shiva EM app

    Hello Khronos I enjoyed reading your app but I apologise - I will be having to oppose this application - Lots of Grammar Mistakes - Events are Boring - Nothing in the Application stands out as a "New Idea" Sorry but It's a -1 from me
  15. Boris

    Honor's PAC3 Tier 1 Application( Taken down)

    Hey Kid Look this ain't a Fortnite Server where you can tell someone to just "Go Away" Get some Better Responses - Work on those things called Manners and one day you will get that "Victory Royale"... In all seriousness now don't shit talk someone response.....Pacs are meh -1