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  1. Look, I haven't been around to see what the server has become, or what it's currently become. My experience reading the changes that have been made, in theory sound quite nice. Buying your own ammunition, adding an important aspect to the credit system. Then you think deeper about certain stuff like "Why is the Military forcing me to buy my own ammo?". Anyway, I agree with a lot of your points, the server when I played, became more strict. Hell, to even have some fun I went through 28 Names in like 3 Months. The amount of people, who think they're Ranger Rick, and are about to save the whole empire, by bossing people around on the server cause they recently got promoted to Warrant Officer II, was one of the most annoying parts of the server. The vocal minority, who reached a higher power status, thought they were top shit, like no brother, no one thinks your some mad cool kid because you are a Master Seargant on an RP Server. The jokes, I also agree with, people can't take one. The amount of people, that pulled me into a sit for clearly a joke, I couldn't even count (Still never got a warn though). I guess you could say generic meme "Damn Kids, can't take a joke", which is a stupid way to think about it, but the server did feel like that and was one of the reasons I left. Imperial Gaming, has fundementally shifted, from what it was in late 2017- eary 2018, is it my belief the server felt more fun back then...yes. Did you have a more relaxed rule set...kind of. Were people more chill....100% Also what is with this economy function...Are the Stormtroopers saving money, in their Super Annuation account, trading items, for the highest possible value. Are they planning a holiday on Jakku, and they need to earn more money? Is the server gonna begin going into recession due to people not stimulating the economy through consumption? Are you going to have an inbuilt inflation function? Sounds cool on paper, but this is a GMOD server, not the Australian Economy.
  2. Me - Mum can we stop and get "Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order" Mum - No Son, we have it at home Me - Okay Video No.2 - Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order at Home
  3. +1 This shit looks quite nice....The Graphics team, is a team, and not a one man show...If people-1 you for that, they really kinda dumb
  4. Prophet Shekelburg? Rishi Moon? Revan Protecting a General from Jman? Glory Days
  5. @[IG] Tackxo Only coming back if we have Pulse Cannons and a Brigadier named Tackxo and a Royal Rep named Kendrick
  6. Boris

    Finally Back

    hello i'm not shown in that photo sadly - extreme bullying
  7. Misahu was a good moderator back in the day, let me get away with a bunch of dumb sh*t I did in-character. But he was tough with his punishments. I was quite sad when he left due to his personal circumstances and am fully supportive of his return to the Moderator team +1
  8. My Father, whenever we go anywhere he takes his camera. When my Mother and Father were in Shiga-Kogan Japan (I was in Osaka - Oppisiote sides of the Country) they went to this Snow Moneky Sanctuary. So when he was there with her he snapped this picture of an old Snow Monkey
  9. Look I'm not clowning on you. But if you're asking for your enjoyment to be validated by a StarwarsRP Community, you gotta sort that out first. This is a game, gaming is for everyone, it's just a server at the end of the day, join if you want, don't if you don't want to. Just play for your fun...
  10. Unpopular Opinion Coming In.. Hong Kong enjoys many more freedoms than their mainland counterparts. They are an autonomous territory and have largely been left to their own devices. They are an incredible asset to the Chinese Government, due to its unique financial standing. The Hong Kong protests are bloody encounters which can be described as a bloodbath with faults on both sides. Riot Police abusing their power, protesters believing it is correct to throw petrol bombs at police. These are dark times. Yet we hold this idea that this battle is for democracy, yet you fail to realise, the winner has already been decided, no matter what the government will win, and Hong Kong will stay as a dark memory for the government. The rioters I hope realise that when this all ends they will be worse off. No one will come to their aid and it should and will stay that way. No government in the world is dumb enough to support them, and within a few months time no one will care about the protests in Hong Kong. They are miniscule compared to issues we seriously must consider such as Climate Change, Drought within Rural Australia and the Invasion of Syria. What I'm trying to say is, forget about Hong Kong it is nothing but a sideshow. It is not a fight of good versus evil, it is merely the media using peoples emotions for profit. Within a few months everything will return to normal, companies will have their profits, the media will fall silent and no one on this server of forums will care about Hong Kong and its miniscule footnote in the progress of humanity
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