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  1. +1 Gave me social suicide back in the day
  2. +1 A lot of people have had grudges against Sterling, when he's just used logic against them and evidence @Austro(You're always instigating drama, never stopping it) . Sterling was a great EM and he could do a lot for the server if given the chance to. He is a kind soul who would do anything he can for anyone (Unless they're like, Scum) So, I believe Sterling possseses all the characteristics of a good EM - Good Luck Dude
  3. To Be Honest - It might be bad to say to some people who like dreaming - Imperial Gaming is only good at making Imperials SWRP servers. DarkRP, Santos, TTT and Clone Wars - All died...Cut the losses and just stick to what you're good at
  4. Imagine thinking your cool for making roasts online xdddd...Taking the High Horse when you f**k up doesn't work. Not our fault your inability to think forward and assume the consequences of your actions...But hey who cares if your staff am I right? May as well just remove the post to keep your good boy persona
  5. I'd like to offer you a position in the Boris Corps. Specialising in Memes - Main Weapons include Logic and Memes
  6. Santos RP = VDM and RDM Fest It's literally like a Roman Orgy of shooting, "Drop 5k or you die" and selling drugs cause there is not legit way to make money Within the first 2 weeks literally 1 gang controlled everything, even though they split into "2 Gangs" they're still the same, with the same motives. There is nothing to do, if you wanted to make legit money, you would make a tiny bit of money and then get robbed for all of it. Get harassed by gangs with bigger and better cars than you. There is no RP - It's just people who want to get away with RDM and VDM - Even staff are in on the action... Come on Down to IG Santos RP - Where you'll see more toxicity than Chernobyl!
  7. Helsing, it's developed with toyota. Toyota provided the body and chasis, subaru provided the engine
  8. *Cough* Nissan GTR for Life - Subaru Trash *Cough*
  9. Bruh not even an @.... Gonna have to commit a phat seppuku....Thx for opening your eyes, that this is a game and people take this sh*t as serious as a job.....See you on Steam Anime Nerd
  10. Wow....Not even a mention - Literally instrumental in bringing that CO position to you....So rood
  11. Boris

    Mayor tries to leave PD

    The audio quality is terrible
  12. You seem to be having a hissy fit because of you not getting what you wanted....Chopz handled things the best he could, you kept interrupting Chopz and wouldn't let him get a word in....You are the only disrespectful person here....You seem to be taking great offence to comments that literally are jokes...It's not the communities fault that you can't clear your head and see this through a logical perspective and you are consistently trying to play yourself as the victim....
  13. Total War: 3 Kingdoms - I just love Chinese History Also - Comment anything at all
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