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  1. A tough yet wise decision....Irl comes before "Star Wars RP" where the Drill Sergeant yells louder than a irl one....Is only meme
  2. Look, I haven't been around to see what the server has become, or what it's currently become. My experience reading the changes that have been made, in theory sound quite nice. Buying your own ammunition, adding an important aspect to the credit system. Then you think deeper about certain stuff like "Why is the Military forcing me to buy my own ammo?". Anyway, I agree with a lot of your points, the server when I played, became more strict. Hell, to even have some fun I went through 28 Names in like 3 Months. The amount of people, who think they're Ranger Rick, and are about to save the whole e
  3. Me - Mum can we stop and get "Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order" Mum - No Son, we have it at home Me - Okay Video No.2 - Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order at Home
  4. +1 This shit looks quite nice....The Graphics team, is a team, and not a one man show...If people-1 you for that, they really kinda dumb
  5. Prophet Shekelburg? Rishi Moon? Revan Protecting a General from Jman? Glory Days
  6. @[IG] Tackxo Only coming back if we have Pulse Cannons and a Brigadier named Tackxo and a Royal Rep named Kendrick
  7. Boris

    Finally Back

    hello i'm not shown in that photo sadly - extreme bullying
  8. Misahu was a good moderator back in the day, let me get away with a bunch of dumb sh*t I did in-character. But he was tough with his punishments. I was quite sad when he left due to his personal circumstances and am fully supportive of his return to the Moderator team +1
  9. My Father, whenever we go anywhere he takes his camera. When my Mother and Father were in Shiga-Kogan Japan (I was in Osaka - Oppisiote sides of the Country) they went to this Snow Moneky Sanctuary. So when he was there with her he snapped this picture of an old Snow Monkey
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