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  1. In-Game Name: ARC-39 "Arthur" (Axel) Steam Name: Dan (Axel) Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mcslimdawwwg/ In-Game Playtime:
  2. Yo! My name's Axel and it's nice to meet you all. I've been part of the Rancor Battalion since late December 2017 and due to recent events on 2/2/18 I was offered and I accepted the position of Acting Commander and recently am now the newest Commander of the Rancor Battalion as of 13/2/18 and I hope to push forward with the old and new troopers that are part of the Rancor Battalion and also prove myself over time to hopefully becoming a good and reliable asset to my regiment, MHC personnel, regimental leaders, the community and more. Yet again, this post is very similar to an in
  3. You know it Hey! Thank you for the warm welcome mate, I'll make sure of that, cheers!
  4. AXEL'S INTRODUCTION Hey, it's me, Axel or by another alias, Bedivere. I hail from 4 past communities that I invested most of my time in Garry's Mod, the first three being Monumental Gaming DarkRP, Golden Gaming and then Poseidon Servers CWRP then afterwards an American community called Icefuse Networks and since then I took a break and have been on here actively since the 27th of last year's December. I used to spend lots of time on other games when the time is available, especially on a game called SQUAD and it's predecessor, a BF2 Standalone Mod called Project Reality. An
  5. AN IMPERIAL TOURNAMENT (24/01/18) Another Imperial Tournament was underway today, however, this time, instead of 16 players participating in 1v1 matches with WESTAR-M5 blaster rifles and 350hp, we had 24 players all in teams of 3, creating 8 teams. Each team possessed the same loadout, which consisted of a DC-17m Blaster Rifle and 300hp and then also battled each other out in a special new tournament arena hosted in the Star Destroyer's Repair Bay. Big credit to @Splonter and @Phresh Zeisty (Robinson) for helping control and manage the tournament! WINNER: Team 4 (Team 3)
  6. AN IMPERIAL TOURNAMENT (19/01/18) A friendly, competitive tournament was hosted today with the help of many people (which are listed below) and with this help we worked to help create a well-rounded and fun experience via a 1v1 tournament which I hope will be a leading catalyst into more fun tournaments that could be hosted when there's not much to do. Tournaments such as Climb SWEP tournaments, 3v3 PVP regiment tournaments or maybe a variety of unique styles of 1v1 tournaments could happen - there's really a lot to definitely explore and I'm grateful that people were keen to help and be
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