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  1. I have had a reply by steam support they said they will take a look into the issue and it should be fixed in a couple days
  2. I'll uninstalling it then restart steam and my pc and see if that helps later tonight
  3. Yup and that's why I haven't been on for ages
  4. I've been trying to get on it's just my gmod is stuffed and when I uninstalled then reinstalled again, it still didn't work so I'm waiting for steam support to help me
  5. +1 PACs are amazing very nice kid Very much deserves pac
  6. neutral, doog playtime and good events just not a lot of effort
  7. I did complete this task, with detail it' just that I was disliked in ish and this is why I left
  8. neutral, dont really know you but have good ideas
  9. Neutral but leaning towards -1
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