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  1. Ok yes this is fair. I was merely suggesting the E-11D because someone else bought it up I didn't because I know that other Regiments have it. The MAIN purpose of this post was for the skins maybe I didn't make that clear enough, the loadout was just a suggestion but the skins is the one we really want
  2. If you look in the content pack and the Nova one there is three different colours
  3. Well if we stick to lore than Nova should have a Modified E-11 so maybe E-11D. Look at this link for the Nova lore http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Novatrooper Well if you see this again than please tell me because this is not acceptable and pull me up on it if I do it thanks.
  4. We are most likely guarding Tarkin which is our main role and Gov does come second.
  5. That's the thing, The nova troopers do everything pretty much, they are elite stormtroopers that have been tasked to protect important sith burial sites captured spaceships and protect important personnel so none of this goes against the lore. Yea I did my research haha
  6. Yea exactly which is why I am asking for a change because we weren 't orignally a guarding regiment and now we are of quite an important area so that's why I was suggesting a change.
  7. I was going too but it seems like it already has enough regiments using it already
  8. I was more thinking about the rate of fire of the DC-17M compared to westar. And what do you think of the model idea?
  9. That's the problem haha
  10. Hello I am Lance Corporal Julius of the Nova troopers, some of this is written on behalf of my Acting Commander/Commander Jaggy. I am writing this suggestion for a new weapon/weapons for the Nova Regiment. I am suggesting the Dc-17m as Nova previously had this and it is very effective. Now why do i think we need a loadout change? Well to start of Nova has the main duties to guard Regional Government and it's personnel + we are the personal guard of Grand Moff Tarkin. Our current weapons the Westar and the SE-14(The shotgun pistol) are ineffective as they do low damage unless it is the
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