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  1. Hello Wind and thank you for applying to be a TEM, 

    First of all your character, I believe as others have said in this Application that you are indeed mature and do posses the required level of maturity to be a EM/Staff. I have seen you as a 996th and you have been very good in that role. 

    Event Idea #1 - Neutral
    Shows imagination
    Server Involvement seems good

    I feel like this Event relies heavily on ISB doing a good job. 
    Make sure that in RP these troopers would actually have Bombs that could cause this kind off damage. 
    Would like to see more pathways for this event. 

    Event Idea #2Negative
    I don't think it would be that easy to fully disable an ISD. 
    Appears very generic.
    A tinge of imagination with the Comms being cut off but yet again don't think it would be that easy in lore.
    Do no understand the Ending, why would Rebels be attempting to repair the engine without fully clearing the ship?

    More Pathways needed. 

    Overall I will be leaving a Neutral leaning towards a Negative due to the fact that the Event Ideas were not the best especially the second. I am only being harsh on this because the main role of an EM is to create events that captivate the community and that the community enjoys like you said in your App. 

    My opinion is subject to change. 

    Signed, Julius

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  2. Y'know what really grinds my gears? There are things like this that happen more often and in a greater scale in third-world countries daily. But you don't hear about that? You don't hear about the peaceful protesters in Sudan that were killed where they stood. The media is corrupt and is run like a business. It is not run to enlighten us as much as it is to entertain us. There was no media coverage in the US or Europe about the Sudan crisis. Yet they show this? 20 people getting killed in El Paso? Sure it isn't good but can you not see the clear biased towards First-world countries? Anyway, just my opinion.

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  3.  -1 Removed me off steam | Gullible for Jaggy saying press the hyperspace button.




    Nah but in all seriousness a massive +2 from me. This man is mature, he is friendly and willing to help others. I believe these are the perfect qualities that are required for a trial moderator position on our server. I believe he will do very well as a T-mod and should definitely be given the chance. Best of luck and add me back on steam ya minge

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  4. On 5/12/2019 at 3:13 AM, Sully said:



    • Active
      • Evident by in-game playtime
    • Mature
      • Acts in a manner that is respectable
    • Approachable
      • Actively assists users in-game and offers creative input to roleplay situations and elements of roleplay
    • Trustworthy
      • Has showed dedication to the server
    • Application is extremely well detailed
      • Shows that you are willing to put in the time and effort in order to receive this position
    • Event examples are extremely well detailed
      • Examples are also well though out with multiple pathways taken into consideration for user actions
    • Level Headed
      • A skill needed for dealing with stressful and strenuous situations during events
    • No warns or bans
      • Follows the server rules to an acceptable standard
    • Past experience
      • Has prior Event master experience and experience with ULX and event related commands
    • Intentions on receiving the role are pure
      • Applicant is applying for all the right reasons
      • Applicant has worked tirelessly on refining the application to its current state
    • Meets all application requirements
    • Left TMOD position after a short period of time
      • Minor negative, as long as you are willing to stick around within this role than this is no longer an issue


    Best Of Luck,


    Yet again, Sully really just said it all. +1 Good luck mate

  5. 13 minutes ago, Ragdig said:

    +1 I think you have the ability to be a good EM. I don't really know you but I know you've been with the community for a while. Though you're:

    I'll assume you will improve on these issues. Remember that maturity has to be increased a lot when becoming staff but i'm sure that shouldn't be a problem.

    Good Luck!

    Thank you for your support Ragdig. I do realise that becoming staff and maturity go hand in hand and I am actively working on the constructive criticism I receive from my peers :) . In particular the words of Carswell. 

    Cheers, Julius

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  6. All feedback is welcome, Negative and Positive. I prefer people speak their mind so I can know what to improve on. 

    Regarding my Maturity and 'Mingyness'. I have been actively trying to improve that and I think my RP at times can be leaning towards a minge but I only do so to bring Joy to others. I do not classify myself as a minge rather as a connoisseur on joy. This is also another reason why I believe I should be EM because I believe that I bring joy to people through my actions. 


    Cheers, Julius

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    • Steam Name:
      funyguy1 [IG]


    • SteamID32:


    • In Game Name:


    • Time Played Imperial RP:
      3W 0D 4H ...


    • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence


    • Have you had any warns (If so state them)?
      I have received No warns.


    • Have you had any bans (If so state them)?
      I have received No bans.


    • Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)?
      I have not had the privilege as of yet but I am looking to start somewhere.


    • Why are you applying to be an Event Master?
      I am applying to be an Event Master because I want to enhance the RP of others around me and across the whole server. I believe I can help people enjoy themselves on this server and add a bit off zest to their time on Imperial Gaming. I believe that having this role will enable me to do so more then I do already. I want to be able to provide accurate Event's that pertain to Star Wars Lore but still provide and enjoyable aspect. The best of both worlds really. I am also applying to assist the current Event Master team as they seem relatively under-staffed (Make note this is a minor reason).


    • What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team?
      I believe I can bring a brain full of original ideas and very unique events (As can be seen by my 1st Event Idea) that provide fun and lore accuracy to the Imperial Gaming community. I believe I can personally act many roles to enhance RP if need be. I believe that I can be mature when I need to be but also do like to have fun. I believe that I would be a great asset to the already majestic team that provides the community with daily events. I believe I can provide quick-thinking to Events RP wise. I apologize if this section is lacking in particular as I find it hard to toot my own horn this much.


    • What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive?
      I believe I can create original events that include the whole ship instead of just one regiment. I have been in many events where I have not even been aware it was happening before it was over. I believe because of this I am more aware of everyone being included. In regards to making events more fun I can provide very unique RP and with the right EC's surely create many a meme. If people fancy a bit of combat I am also competent in the balancing of events so neither side is too overpowered therefore making it enjoyable for both parties. I just require a chance to prove myself as a lot of my good ideas are rather impromptu.


    • Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands?
      Yes (Very basic)


    • Anything else you would like to add?
      I want to thank everyone who reads this and supports me for giving me the chance to be on the Event Master team. If Negative support is displayed I invite the person to layout some ways I could improve myself. Cheers, Julius
    • Coloured all the start of the lines blue in the larger paragraphs


    • Terms & Conditions

    I require no Glory, only Results - Mitth'raw'nurodo 

  7. Brothers and Sisters, for too long we have had projects withheld from us common folk. We are the backbone of the Empire! We are the Military/Navy/ISB/Regional Government of the Empire! Without us the Empire would be nothing more then a band of babbling fools. If we are not granted the knowledge of these secrets then we shall take the knowledge by force! Let's rise up and storm the secret facility on Ilum! Their threats of us being PK'D shall not hinder us. NO MORE SECRETS! NO MORE GRAY AREAS! 

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