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  1. @Delta I wanna see the official Choobs 14th Birthday photo album come out soon.
  2. A whole assortment, Alto Saxophone, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Clarinet and probably others.
  3. This is just a cheeky Appreciation and Birthday post for @GeorgeBloon . Happy Birthday mate from the lads and I. Heres to many more
  4. That is Grand Admiral Thrawn to you.... Welcome to IG my guy
  5. Julius


    Brothers and Sisters, for too long we have had projects withheld from us common folk. We are the backbone of the Empire! We are the Military/Navy/ISB/Regional Government of the Empire! Without us the Empire would be nothing more then a band of babbling fools. If we are not granted the knowledge of these secrets then we shall take the knowledge by force! Let's rise up and storm the secret facility on Ilum! Their threats of us being PK'D shall not hinder us. NO MORE SECRETS! NO MORE GRAY AREAS!
  6. Julius as Emperor > Zaspan as Emperor
  7. Bibleman, If I have one word of advice for you it is that stop caring about people opinions off you. You're always gonna get tight-asses that dislike you because you're actually having fun whilst they are not. I personally love your RP because it shows that not everyone is going to conform to the norm. You always provide a good laugh. Keep being you. Signed, Julius
  8. Damn, now everyone knows the trade. Gonna have to start some drug lab raids 😉
  9. Hmmm man of the people. Respectable.
  10. Surely we can keep that one a trade secret
  11. Good luck to all who apply. May your regiment prosper and and provide lots of RP! Signed, Julius/Rosario.
  12. We Poperettis' just want to see peace upon the city. Whoever causes violence, will be taken out by it. Simple.
  13. The event where Kris didn't crash the server... Oh wait, that doesn't exist.
  14. Ye hard, just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved
  15. Alright, I was meaning I was not going to comment anymore to keep the thread clear of spam not because I was backing down to you. Wow calm down big man with your hours, I may not know alot but I know when i'm wrong and how to take that like a man (i'm not saying you are wrong in this case). Even in this thread alone I have been wrong and I have corrected myself. So with the widow thing I was meaning that they either leave around LCPL as a normal ST or they join Widow (Yes I can press tab and look at the storm troopers). There you go you have proven me wrong that widow is needed and you have gi
  16. I feel like this is one of those "these darn millenial's" moments. I see what your saying and yes it probably was a hard start for you and good on you for pushing through to get where you are now. Now for my rebuttle, first of all I'll ask you this, did the stormtroopers need widow? Most the time people leave the reg by lance corporal or below. Yes it was good to have some mature people in St. Now the only reason we posted this was because it was easy to do for admins would take no time (I assume) and we thought it would be cool to do it. Also it's already in the content pack and the whole cha
  17. Well if we are talking about lore again than here we go, some of the regs wouldn't be here if we followed the lore exactly, for example widow squad is not in the lore (Atleast from what I found). I'm not saying we should remove it from the server I'm just saying that it doesn't have to be in the lore too be able to be put in the server. The server would probably be very boring if we followed everything by lore. Also you bought up the different coloured Rancor troopers in the lore which is true. The only problem is that Rancor are clonetroopers, there is nothing saying they converted to imperia
  18. Yes but it will only be three different people because they are a certain rank, it's not like we are all different colours. And if rancor are different colours already have people protested about them?
  19. Okay, How about we forget the weapons altogether, they were a sidenote anyways. Maybe you're right and I do just need to get use to them we will see in time. Can we direct our attention towards the skins now though
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