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  1. Like wise men have said. 


    It is a GAME. A GAME is when people have fun. If you're getting butt hurt because someone is trolling you that is the internet. If you don't like it go find some people irl who share your opinions. Everyone is always super confident online to Express their opinions. Don't expect everyone to accept it.

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  2. The biggest +1 I could ever give. This man oh this man just see the points below: 

    • This man is very imaginative. He can think on his feet with any situation that may unfold.
    • His event ideas show Humour, Creativity, Lore Friendly, Excellent RP. All perfect qualities for EM.
    • This man is mature. He even has to tell me off sometimes. He can manage groups of people with ease and taking charge of a situation without being overly dominant is his speciality.

    I could go on for days about this man but this shall suffice.

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  3. Hello Starkey,

    First of all thank you for Applying for the Event Master Team. 

    Unfortunately I will be leaving a Neutral on this application for the following reasons. 

    57 minutes ago, GeorgeBloon said:

    -1 Application doesn't give much detail to the questions, events are very shoddily written and rather generic. Reapplying with more information and content would change my -1.

    ^George says alot ^

    • Event Ideas show promise but the level of detail and quality of writing is not as good as it could be. 
    • Your application is lacking a lot of detail and definitely needs improvement. 
    • Had neutral interactions with you on the server.
    • Seem to be active in regards to your playtime and have seen you on the server rather often. 

    Also thank you again for applying and I hope you take these things in consideration as constructive criticism and not hate. These are all things that can be worked on. 
    Willing to change if these are improved.


    Regards, Julius

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  4. Well I think it's about time we had one of these...
    Post your memes and enjoy all the others!

    Rules below 

    1. No Player Diss - If a player finds a "Joke" Disrespectful it will immediately be removed.
    2. No Reg Diss - Yet again if a regiment finds a joke disrespectful it will be immediately removed.
    More rules to come as I think of them. 

    A few to get it started:




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