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  1. I would splash out like a Sugar Daddy for me Blue boi
  2. If you gonna do a live action with Thrawn you just have to CGI it man. You can't just paint a guy blue
  3. Jenny is All Powerful Jenny will return You Mortals will bow to the Power of Jenny The Chronicles of Jenny lie below: LINK This is the beginnings of something great. Please leave a comment with suggestions or concerns. All are Welcome.
  4. Julius


    Jenny is All Powerful Jenny is the most competent Secretary Jenny will return You Mortals will bow to the Power of Jenny
  5. Fattest 07. You reached for the stars my friend, unfortunately you missed. See ya around.
  6. Well I think it's about time we had one of these... Post your memes and enjoy all the others! Rules below 1. No Player Diss - If a player finds a "Joke" Disrespectful it will immediately be removed. 2. No Reg Diss - Yet again if a regiment finds a joke disrespectful it will be immediately removed. More rules to come as I think of them. A few to get it started:
  7. Julius

    Basil's B-day

    Just brings a tear to me eye Come home soon Basil. We don't miss you
  8. Rey going Dark side and Kyle going light?!?!?!
  9. @Basil No, just no. Get in TS RIGHT NOW MISTER!!
  10. Julius

    The amazing EM

    Glad y'all enjoyed it, rather impromptu
  11. xXStrictlyBangersXx is taking gig deals rn. HMU
  12. Yo after hearing this i'm finna commit take fast steps in opposite direction.
  13. Y'know what really grinds my gears? There are things like this that happen more often and in a greater scale in third-world countries daily. But you don't hear about that? You don't hear about the peaceful protesters in Sudan that were killed where they stood. The media is corrupt and is run like a business. It is not run to enlighten us as much as it is to entertain us. There was no media coverage in the US or Europe about the Sudan crisis. Yet they show this? 20 people getting killed in El Paso? Sure it isn't good but can you not see the clear biased towards First-world countries? Anyway, ju
  14. Strength: 8 Perception: 6 Endurance: 7 Charisma: 10 Intelligence: 9 Agility: 10 Luck: 2 Gotta sympathize with Wombat with the luck skill.
  15. Oh yea, we got him good @Stubzy Rabbit ears are a classic
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