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  1. Oh Lord the memories we shared Aye Lads. From the dancing troopers to me pissing off the Director and you backing me up. These are memories I will never forget and such times could not be recreated rather they are immortalized in our memories. Wish you all the best brother and i'm always a sea away if you need someone dealt with Maori style. 


    See you in the future Brother.
    Grand Admiral Julius

  2. 6 minutes ago, Mongo said:


    do not be racist.

    do not bring back secretary jenny

    do not run good events


    I'm going to ignore 2/3 of those things. 


    BTW I think I hear machines starting back up on Felucia. Need my Major General Garok back however.


    Thanks for the support King.

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      5W 0D 15H 0m 0s
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      Negative only IG.
    • Why are you applying to be an Event Master?
      I, Julius am applying to the position of Event Master on Imperial Gaming for several reasons.
      The first reason being I enjoyed my time as Event Master previously and wish to come back into that position and excel for what I learnt and experienced the first round. My Second reason is that I love playing characters and role playing in all aspects. I believe as EM this grants you unlimited opportunities for roleplay. Even just having tools and being able to set up mini roleplay situations impromptu is such a great power that many take for granted. There is so much chance for exciting roleplay to be added outside and in Events. My Third reason is that I believe I can contribute my own personal flare on events and contribute grand ideas to the Event Team that will elevate the scale of events and make them legendary.
    • What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team?
      I, Julius believe I can bring many different new aspects to the Event Team. The first of those aspects being what was previously stated in the Third reason of Applying that I can bring new, fresh, innovative ideas to the team. These ideas will, I personally believe, elevate the scale and level of events we have currently to the next stage. We are already putting out insanely good events and what I can bring will only make it better. I believe I can bring a personality that commits 100% to characters and roleplay. Everything I do is for the sake of better roleplay. As you can see I have had no warns or bans and this is purely because I keep everything IC and can separate IC and OOC. I believe I can also bring a strong attitude. This entails I have no problems disciplining EC’s appropriately and have a knack for removing any possible hindrances in an event. This coupled with great problem solving abilities makes nothing a problem.
    • What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive?
      What can I do to make Events more fun. This question is the one I will take most pride in answering. The answer is this is to create a story. Much like how we know have the Lothal Lore events chain going on I will make events that link and will provide documents, mission reports and changes that occur in between events all Via the forums. This may look like a video detailing what happened in the last event and what that caused after. I will focus on expanding an event from the 1-2 hour time constraints and create stories around them.
    • Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands?
    • Anything else you would like to add?
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    • Terms & Conditions
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  3. 2 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    Companies are currently being reduced to a total of 7 slots by Gusky.

    There have been an overwhelming ratio of ST's to other regs in the last week atleast I have noticed. I personally do not believe we need to be cutting down and if anything we should be adding new regiments and more slots. I would like to hear a counter argument.


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  4. Truly one of the most enjoyable people to talk to and be around kn the server. Bought great role-playing and energy to the server. There will be a big hole in the server now that you are gone. Wish all the best for your future endeavors. As a wise man once said. "We're at the tippity top of the mountain. And we're only half way up". Much love x

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  5. 51 minutes ago, Theta said:

    This was the original plan essentially but it was brought up that there would be too many tasers & cuffs given out to personnel on the server. as such Varacytal was brought up. so unless shock loses slots or another regiment loses tasers and/or cuffs its unlikely any new regiment will receive them.

    Get rid off CF Cuffs and tazers. Have them call in DT. Dt are under appreciated I feel.

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  6. 9 hours ago, Yuri said:

    *cough* trim down on SK by like 4 slots, because holy fuck thas a lot of security at that point gonna have like 21 SK/RT & Nova *cough*

    I can't agree with you there Yuri. I believe SK/RT are a regiment that require a larger force than others. As we are effectively the Law Enforcement grunts for the entire server I believe the slots that Riot would bring would be adequate. Ideally shock should be walking around with atleast 2 - 3 guys just patrolling anyway and even with prisoners it should be 2 men minimum. 


    My suggestion for a new Riot Squad will be a 5 Man squad that consists of cl2+ troopers. One of the requirements will be mandatory service in Shock and then you get picked from there. Perhaps the time to get from CL1 to CL2. This squad will be trained in Crowd Control and have a riot specialty. The CO of this Squad will be equal with the Shock CO and will work together. They will be called on less in regards to standard shock work and will act as a call in force. 1st to respond to live fire incidents for example.

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  7. I think its a silly idea cutting available ranks. I think make it harder to get those ranks but not by extending the amount of time it takes to unlock the next rank but instead make it so they have to reach a certain competency. This would encourage players to work smarter and harder rather than just harder. Rather than just waiting for your next promo date they would be constantly striving to impress the higher ups and would in turn result in better troopers and Officers. We need Active and Competent CO's which are lacking in some regiments due to the only requirement to reach those ranks being time spent in regiment. Not everyone deserves to be an officer. The CO's should have the power to stop promos and tell the troopers to be better rather than being pressured by the time constraints. 

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  8. Ahhh I will feel the pain in the morning but here goes. As you might now already I have left my rank (Definitely not pk'ed) and my position as Junior Event Master. This was due to G-mod taking over my life and it not becoming fun anymore. I want to prioritize my family and my life. 

    Now for those Mentions.

    @Gregis @Horus @JDark47 - The F**ken bois. Made my time on the server enjoyable right till the end. 
    @Rad_Cop - I enjoyed guarding you since I was a PVT in CS. You will make a great GA and I wish all the best. Thanks for being a g.
    @Wombatiacus - A true Aussie legend. The G.
    @Cecil - Words can't describe you. But numbers can 0/10. Nah but in all seriousness you were the best GA I ever served under. Thank you my guy and one of the best Umpires around I heard. 
    @Stubzy @Jaggy - The true blue lads. You were there from the very start lads. You were the absolute legends and will always be apart of the brothers.
    @Splonter - Props to you for trying to warn me. Appreciate it all brother.

    Those ISB guys - Lay off the lads aye? You got me, the Mega Minge. Let that be enough for ya.
    @Luigi @Camaro Blue @Redzilla @Tonberry - The lad ISB. Thanks to you all for being g's. Sorry not sorry for being a Minge ;)
    @Rook - A great boss. 10/10 would work under him again. Thank you for being chill with my mingy ways brother. I appreciate it. If you ever come to NZ again and you get mugged, HMU and I will knock the kid. 
    @Mongo - NZ bois 4 lyfe.

    @Bluey - The Best BOSSK alive on god. Loved licking your toes bb 100% would do again. You the g.
    All the NAVY BOIS - Glad to be apart of the Family. Was a pleasure fighting beside you in the great NAVY vs 374th war. Will always be next to you lads. 
    @Tinky - One final Winnie blue FTB.
    @Basil - Almost forgot the g before I heard his obnoxious laugh. Thanks bro for everything.

    Fred - The black officer brother.


    @GeorgeBloon - The OG OG OG brother. You were probably my closest friend on IG and I appreciate it brother. Surely I come to Aussie and play some SaberBeat??? Sorry to do this to you whilst your not on aye.

    To anyone else who felt left out I can't remember everyone. Twas a ride lads. I don't think I will ever come back. Life awaits. But as the saying goes "We all have our stops, and this is mine." Hoorah


    Oh and anyone want anything from the store while i'm gone? I'll be back when you get drafted for the NFL.

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