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  1. Oh Lord the memories we shared Aye Lads. From the dancing troopers to me pissing off the Director and you backing me up. These are memories I will never forget and such times could not be recreated rather they are immortalized in our memories. Wish you all the best brother and i'm always a sea away if you need someone dealt with Maori style. See you in the future Brother. Grand Admiral Julius
  2. So I expect Secretary Jenny to be best man yes? And secretary kenny to be ring-bearer?
  3. Julius


    This was some sick editing man. Been trying a bit of this myself. How long did this piece take you?
  4. There have been an overwhelming ratio of ST's to other regs in the last week atleast I have noticed. I personally do not believe we need to be cutting down and if anything we should be adding new regiments and more slots. I would like to hear a counter argument.
  5. Truly one of the most enjoyable people to talk to and be around kn the server. Bought great role-playing and energy to the server. There will be a big hole in the server now that you are gone. Wish all the best for your future endeavors. As a wise man once said. "We're at the tippity top of the mountain. And we're only half way up". Much love x
  6. Get rid off CF Cuffs and tazers. Have them call in DT. Dt are under appreciated I feel.
  7. I can't agree with you there Yuri. I believe SK/RT are a regiment that require a larger force than others. As we are effectively the Law Enforcement grunts for the entire server I believe the slots that Riot would bring would be adequate. Ideally shock should be walking around with atleast 2 - 3 guys just patrolling anyway and even with prisoners it should be 2 men minimum. My suggestion for a new Riot Squad will be a 5 Man squad that consists of cl2+ troopers. One of the requirements will be mandatory service in Shock and then you get picked from there. Perhaps the time to get fr
  8. I think its a silly idea cutting available ranks. I think make it harder to get those ranks but not by extending the amount of time it takes to unlock the next rank but instead make it so they have to reach a certain competency. This would encourage players to work smarter and harder rather than just harder. Rather than just waiting for your next promo date they would be constantly striving to impress the higher ups and would in turn result in better troopers and Officers. We need Active and Competent CO's which are lacking in some regiments due to the only requirement to reach those ranks bei
  9. We all know that extra 50c went to the Uber eats fund. You can't fool us forever.
  10. Come out when you want Galle


  11. The Three B's. You can message me on TS if you wanna know what those are.
  12. Nah bro, Chimaera Squad. Restore order and glory to the ISD.
  13. Good to hear you're on the mend mate. Mental health is a hell of a problem
  14. @Cecil Does this mean I can finallly be Grand Admiral Thrawn? I promise i'm reformed
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