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  1. The Donator Shop. The extra shop given to those who have donated to the server. Whether it be a contribution, a role, a special item, a TS channel, you get the donator tag. Within the Donator Shop, you have 6 different E-11s and a grapple hook. For the small price of 10 million points you too can get your own standard issue imperial weapon with either a different tracer or a small bit of extra damage or your own grapple hook.... The point is, if the donator shop is a sort of extra reward to the people who have donated why make everything so expensive? No one is going to buy an E-11 even if it
  2. Agreed, there isn't much for military people like STs, attack, defence etc, regiments to do. If we couple implement something the DS would be a good map for a rotation
  3. Dang mann it's been so long. Best of Luck!
  4. I resigned as I had IRL stuff and the EM team is a very stressful job. However, the Event masters have my utmost respect. Their job isn't easy,
  5. Dang it sudo ;-; <3 gonna miss you
  6. Peguin


    Dam it Kets ;-;. Well it was good meeting you man. Good luck
  7. Its been too long solvan
  8. You know me Ant But sad to see you go even though I dont play anymore either xd
  9. This would be a massive help Bossman, Thanks a lot <3. I know EMs have a hard time thinking of event ideas so this is perfect.
  10. I'm going through that PC part right now XD and yes I was an EM and in CIC when I left
  11. Peguin

    Cal's Intro

    What Em Said, good to have met you whilst I was still on the server man.
  12. Shock/Riot and ALL OF ISB would be a bit too OP don't you think....
  13. Yes, after every event there should be a debrief, however, the only time I can think that there won't is when very little players are on. Say 0 - 30ish but keep in mind this is only for aggressive events, sometimes passive depending on how it runs. As an Event Master is it their job to go through the entire event top to bottom with minimal hiccups, otherwise boss will yell at them...
  14. @Brass You gotta invite me to the CAH games
  15. YES YES YES, Of course, Em. You and me.....
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