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  1. The Donator Shop. The extra shop given to those who have donated to the server. Whether it be a contribution, a role, a special item, a TS channel, you get the donator tag. Within the Donator Shop, you have 6 different E-11s and a grapple hook. For the small price of 10 million points you too can get your own standard issue imperial weapon with either a different tracer or a small bit of extra damage or your own grapple hook.... The point is, if the donator shop is a sort of extra reward to the people who have donated why make everything so expensive? No one is going to buy an E-11 even if it
  2. Agreed, there isn't much for military people like STs, attack, defence etc, regiments to do. If we couple implement something the DS would be a good map for a rotation
  3. Dang mann it's been so long. Best of Luck!
  4. I resigned as I had IRL stuff and the EM team is a very stressful job. However, the Event masters have my utmost respect. Their job isn't easy,
  5. Dang it sudo ;-; <3 gonna miss you
  6. Peguin


    Dam it Kets ;-;. Well it was good meeting you man. Good luck
  7. Its been too long solvan
  8. You know me Ant But sad to see you go even though I dont play anymore either xd
  9. This would be a massive help Bossman, Thanks a lot <3. I know EMs have a hard time thinking of event ideas so this is perfect.
  10. I'm going through that PC part right now XD and yes I was an EM and in CIC when I left
  11. Peguin

    Cal's Intro

    What Em Said, good to have met you whilst I was still on the server man.
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