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  1. Peguin

    Kamelieon's departure

    Dang mann it's been so long. Best of Luck!
  2. Peguin

    Is it just me or is everyone resigning?

    I resigned as I had IRL stuff and the EM team is a very stressful job. However, the Event masters have my utmost respect. Their job isn't easy,
  3. Peguin

    Ramirez's Event Master Application

    What Em said. Ram has previous experience and I believe can return back to the great he EM he once was. +1
  4. Peguin

    Sudo || My Farewell

    Dang it sudo ;-; <3 gonna miss you
  5. Peguin

    Ashleyy's Trail Moderator Application.

    From my time knowing you I agree with this. -1
  6. Peguin

    Arcturusious's PAC3 Tier One Application

    Custom sniper looks great. +1
  7. Peguin

    Martibo Is At It Again

  8. Peguin

    Cecil's Event Master Application

    What Em said. From the responses on your application it appears to me that you are fit to be apart of the event master team. Good luck +1
  9. Peguin

    New Idea for cool stuff

  10. Peguin

    The Hammer thing...

    What Em said.
  11. Peguin


    Dam it Kets ;-;. Well it was good meeting you man. Good luck
  12. Peguin

    Jalex's EM Application V2!!

    Not Baesil he calls you Jarlex. +1
  13. Peguin

    I'm Back....

    Its been too long solvan
  14. What Em said. Awesome dude +1