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  1. Gonna cry, maybe s**t and c*m wait it’s no nut November anyways nice tutorial
  2. Pay for surgery to get his eye sight back then beat him up in theory its a win win
  3. Those guys sound pretty cool not even gonna lie
  4. SWTOR interesting, never played it before but I might or might not in he future if I do I’ll message yous have fun tho
  5. hmmm context pls you just wait Bailey ill be at 2k before you know it Is it weird that I have never ever seen pine jack in game Forums is the only thing I can do while im studying just like Bailey #100club
  6. Jay never fails to impress me Nice work
  7. My 1000TH Post Id like to thank all of you who have been with me on these 2 years on the server, with all the friends ive made and all the mistakes ive made i have learnt a lot from this community. After countless PAC Applications, replies, topics made and all that I am proud to say that I have now reached post 1000 I don't really want to type out a giant essay about everything thats happened along the way in this community but I just wanna say Thank you for all the opportunities this community has given me, and I am hoping to stay with this community until the very
  8. how just how also Galle's PAC is Ewok_cursed Good job everyone
  9. Spooky went from 2nd to 3rd (sad skeleton noises)
  10. oh also, Engineers activity is a joke
  11. cheese and ham but the bread is buttered so it's nice and golden crispy
  12. My dogs name is Honey, a mix between a cavalier and a poodle = cvoodle, shes the only dog ive had in my life, shes a demon because she barks at literally anything outside of the house she sees, but we still love her. we use to own a guinea pig called rosey but sadly she passed away when I was 6 years old and I don't have any pictures of her. (these pictures arnt in order but ill label them)
  13. ^^ But at the end of the day don't let our votes influence what you want to do.
  14. Thank you Kappa, very cool.
  15. don't worry @Bailey ol crunchy boi here won't be leaving anytime soon... but on the other hand my exams are starting in a week, I made a study timetable like 3 weeks ago and studied one different subject everyday for around 1 - 3 hours (because overworking yourself does more bad than good) and on the weekends I jam out on GMOD with the bois to give my brain a break. well in theory thats what happened, in reality I didn't follow my study timetable and only started following it like 4 days ago and I don't get stressed at all which is bad because then I don't have any strive to do any s
  16. Oh yea #turn_all_imperial_ships_into_hydrogen_fuelled_ships_to_be_imperial_eco_friendly +1 for this idea tho id be glad to donate to this cause rimmin
  17. comms [ENG] @Kappa! you said this armour I was making was for imperials. comms [ENG>ISB] I'll be on my way over soon. @Kappa @Wombatiacus @Bailey Fixed it
  18. Yeah, I made that armour thats why its so good
  19. o7 its sad to see a pure fricking lad leaving the server, even tho we never spent much time chatting but with all the moments I did talk to you where great. have a good one
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