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  1. bruh I need to learn how to play poker since literally everyone but me knows how to play
  2. why is it me @Sully and @Kamelieon the only ones caring about the player models like broski its whiter than me and my skin is next level white
  3. Im not gonna ignore that fact that their player models are bright af xd
  4. Crunchy

    Sith News

    Now this is godlike
  5. Crunchy

    Ubermolen's Top Talent

    I wanna be your left hand man no homo tho
  6. just wait for the day i join drunk.
  7. Cold Drink Good ol Cold water Iced Chocolate Hot Drink Hot Chocolate Soft Drink Lemon, Lime and bitters and basically any soft drink Hard Drink [REDACTED]
  8. I’ve never watched Avatar before but I saw the name “Cabbage Man” so ima go watch a few episode real quick couse this sounds interesting Edit: I may have something to binge watch and I like cabbage man
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