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  1. Crunchy

    Crunchys PAC Application V7

    the times i "advertised" was me private messaging them on the fourms saying "Hey there, ive added some more pac examples on my application and hopefully this can change your opinion from a neutral to a +1" i never knew i wasnt allowed to say that but i stopped doing it due to the comment the cody made
  2. Crunchy

    My latest weapon

    this is 2000 IQ play
  3. Crunchy

    Anniversary Firework Video

  4. Crunchy

    IG - Anniversary Awards Results

    smh you obviously havent looked at the pictures in my signature
  5. Crunchy

    Any fixes for this PAC3 Glitch

    so this happens to 80% of people that i look at that have PAC https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1588729980 this happend ever since i got my computer fixed
  6. Crunchy

    2 Year Anniversary Video!

    Honestly I cant wait for year 3
  7. Crunchy

    Permanently Stepping Down

    Loved you mauler even when I was in piloys I’m gonna miss you
  8. Crunchy

    Van Sando (Levi)

    10/10 good story would read
  9. Crunchy

    Sith Lord Starkiller/Apprentice Galen Marek

    This is a great idea but their is already so many sith on the server
  10. Crunchy

    Carswell's Introduction

    smh new? i thought you still played on the server welcome back
  11. Crunchy

    Excalibur's somewhat delayed reintroduction

    ew its the worst navy member ever just kidding welcome back
  12. Crunchy

    Noxus Introduction

    whats crackalacking