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  1. Crunchy

    Khan Strax's Adventures

    Cough don’t mess with the strax in single player it looks like not multiplayer hehe
  2. Crunchy

    Channing's Farewell

  3. Crunchy

    Rest In Peace, Stan Lee

    STAN LEE CONSPIRACY WHEN HE DIES::: (just so you know I don't believe in this type of religion or anything but im still putting this here) Ok so Stan Lee's last name backwards is Eel rip stan lee o7 so therefore he is obviously Stan Lee is being reincarnated to a EEL
  4. Crunchy

    Snows Re-Introduction

    backstory number 39375589193746827 whats crackalacking again snow
  5. Crunchy

    Luigi's Introduction

    wait so your name was Luigi but was asked to shorten it to Luigi this makes no sense lmao anyways whats cracklacking
  6. Crunchy

    Yes I'm leaving.

    o7 by ash ;-; i cri now
  7. o7 come back whenever you want
  8. Crunchy


    Asking emperor palpating for some poisonous food while I was an engineer then he said “dew it” and I died
  9. looks cool my guy wish I could draw like you and sol viticus
  10. Crunchy

    Kahn's TMOD Application

    Neutral reasons stated
  11. Crunchy

    Random Moments #1

    Damn I need to step up my editing game too we have now declared a video war splonter XD
  12. Crunchy

    Cecil's Introduction

    What’s crackalacking Cecil
  13. Crunchy

    More Backstory

    Smh no mention of epicezales and my relationship together smh (even tho we broke up I cri) jk aha ignore that but well done tho can’t wait to see more