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  1. I've decided to leave the IG community. The community itself was really great, one of the best I have been a part of. However due to recent situations I shall be calling it quits here. Cheers for the sweet memories lads. SW Commander Signing out.
  2. Please do not feel sorry for me. I dont want your praises any ways. (Whisper) Dont remove the name though shh
  3. Spin


    Oh the unicorn is still there. Thanks martibo <3
  4. Hey who is that sexy Shadow Trooper Commander?
  5. Unsubscribe and resubscribe to the content may help. Same thing happen to me with pilots models, did the job for me.
  6. Spin


    oh hi I know you.
  7. Spin

    New video!

    Plutonic force sensitive hahahahahaha
  8. ................... Even with the notice before hand it's still going to suck without you man. You've done a lot for me over the time I've known you. You truly will be missed by me man. Hope you have a good one keep in contact. :'(
  9. A true king hit king- you'll be missed.
  10. Spin

    3.....2.....1 LET IT RIP!

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    2. Spin


      HA HA HA You fool, this christmas my dad bought me a Logan paul merch, which was over 200 dorra therefore free autographe of the PAULERS *DAB* DAB DAB, I use my exotic trap card, The Forest, when this card is played you spend 2 turns in this forbidden forest, which means I draw again he he nothing personal kid. Places meme man on the board. I END MY TURN! REE

    3. Rooster


      All I have to say is WHAT. THE. FUCK.

    4. Spin
  11. Looks pretty cool, good work. Edit; Ignore last message sleep deprived
  12. You were the chosen one, I trusted you.
  13. Thermal all for however our current cloaking devices are better then what is shown, however for event characters this cloak will be pretty good.
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