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  1. I've decided to leave the IG community. The community itself was really great, one of the best I have been a part of. However due to recent situations I shall be calling it quits here. Cheers for the sweet memories lads. SW Commander Signing out.
  2. Please do not feel sorry for me. I dont want your praises any ways. (Whisper) Dont remove the name though shh
  3. Why only two regiments? There are multiple specialist regiments that can be utilised in the same scenario you have mentioned. Overall events are pretty bland, seem like events that will last only 5 minutes. Gonna have to give you a, Neutral.
  4. Spin

    Spin's PAC Application

    Excuse me, who is this again hmmm?
  5. Spin


    Oh the unicorn is still there. Thanks martibo <3
  6. -1 Lack of detail, seems like you have rushed the application.
  7. +1 Good PAC's and would be trustworthy.
  8. Hey who is that sexy Shadow Trooper Commander?
  9. Spin

    Spin's PAC Application

    Cheers everyone for the enormous positive support , didn't expect this much <3. ~Late reply as I went camping for a night.
  10. Spin

    Bossk Tier 1 Application

    +1 fantastic roleplayer as bossk. Deserves it.
  11. What is your In-game name: Shadow Commander Spin Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:86752672 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/iiispin Play time: 3 Weeks | 4 Days | 13 Hours Have you used PAC Before: I've recently been experimenting with PAC in single player and I've come up with some simple but nice looking PAC designs as shown below. I'm not the most experienced PAC user by no small margin but I now believe I am ready to use it on the server in an appropriate and responsible way. I will be working more on PAC to enhance my skills with the add-on in the future and use this to assist other PAC users who are having trouble with the add-on. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I should be trusted with PAC because from the servers perspective I've been an extremely active and dedicated player. As Commander I believe that this is a very important role for me, as I have stayed in line and brought up a strict regiment that respects the rules and responsibilities of being a stealth regiment. I've worked my way up from the ground up to gain this role and I believe that with PAC it will help emphasize my position a lot more effectively. Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): PAC3 will not only improve my own RP experience on the server but will also allow me to brainstorm ideas to improve other members of the server's RP experience. By allowing me to design my in-game character to suit his past battles and experiences I believe I can achieve that, and I only want to evolve even further as a dedicated RP player. I have some good ideas (as seen above) and I'd like to be able to implement that into my in-game character in order to make him that little bit more unique and to stand out even more. Being a Shadow Trooper I could also utilise PAC to work with my cloaking ability. which would greatly enhance my RP. I haven't put too much thought into this yet but it's something I'd like to explore. Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe that I deserve the privilege of having PAC because I'm a trusted and extremely dedicated player on the server. I've worked extremely hard in reviving Shadow Troopers into a strict specialist regiment to where it is now. Not only will I use PAC responsibly but I will only use it to enhance the RP of myself and others around me. I've aimed to be a very mature player on the server and to keep things very professional, ensuring that RP is ultimately carried out and that nothing gets too out of hand. Thanks for taking the time to read my PAC application, feel free to leave any feedback positive or negative. Below are the PAC designs that I've currently made. As I said I'm no expert at this but I believe I defiantly have improved my skills dramatically over the past few days. Will add more designs when done.
  12. Spin

    Resolved - Lock Post please

    Unsubscribe and resubscribe to the content may help. Same thing happen to me with pilots models, did the job for me.
  13. Spin


    oh hi I know you.
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