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  1. The situation was raised by Lepaul, first and foremost and not myself. He did so within a staff report thread raising an issue that he explicitly pointed out that most of us felt the due process was suspicious. That's why nobody stepped in - we felt like a decision was already made - and as I stated, the relevant parties that were after you IC had since logged off and I would have to not only rationalize my own perspective on the issue but theirs too without them even being present since you waited for them to go offline before leaving the sith temple and hosting the discussion. When t
  2. Lepaul raised the incident and most of the points, I didn't do anything but flesh out the situation in response to that post and agree with what he said. Given that this is the only staff report thread on you since that incident I think it's totally inappropriate to assign a motivation to my post by saying i'm "waiting for a rainy day" when I agree with what another poster says. Staff report threads are where you go to raise these issues.
  3. +1 Shaz is making an assload of assumptions about what people on this server want and is assigning an agenda to what a lot of us are saying. Personally, I believe that this is what staff report threads are for - to give our personal testimonies to issues that we've had. That doesn't mean we have a motivation, that's what you're supposed to do when staff misbehaves.
  4. +1 Harsher punishments for staff who abuse their OOC position to influence IC, to minge or failRP or mislead other staff should be enforced, irrespective of what level of staff they are. But while I agree that there are other scenarios that ought to have warranted harsher punishment, that doesn't make what happened here any less relevant. If you feel the need give Cody his own report thread and let the issues here speak for themselves.
  5. I was present for this entire sitation and I completely agree. That situation was handled poorly and unfairly for the party that opposed Ridge, who were side-stepped by him waiting for them to go offline. This kind of behavior mentioned by Qteks isn't the first time i've heard or seen of this and the entire OOC>IC situation. This issue needs to be addressed appropriately especially given that it has happened repeatedly. It looks bad for the server when these kinds of things happen without remittances. Either everything is fair - or nothing is.
  6. +1 he's not very bright though
  7. Yam's a great guy - he's got my vote +1
  8. +1 Legitimate self-spoken and helpful guy all-round. I'm surprised he doesn't have PAC already.
  9. +1 Showed that he's a reasonably mature player who takes both IC and OOC scenarios seriously. Would serve this server well.
  10. +1 Was unsure what to make of Demonic at first as he wasn't the most overly active player and seemed mostly introverted. His unusual approach to RP however is genuinely refreshing. He has an authentic nature to his ideas and as a result is one of the servers best role-players.
  11. +1 Parks is a great guy and a good friend.
  12. +1 Welshy tends to work in the confines of ISB but due to his recent improvement of rank/position people have had the opporunity to see more of him and upon doing so many have outright changed their minds. He's a great roleplayer and a fantastic ISB member. PAC could go a long way to helping him expand upon that.
  13. +1 Even though originally as Bossk he was considered mingy I believe that Slargg has been a much needed reincarnation of Hank's personality that people needed to see. He's fairly active, well behaved, mature and funny. Ever since becoming a marauder he has had almost no OOC or IC issues and as evidenced in this thread peoples opinion on him has taken a complete U turn as a result of this opportunity to show what he's really like. For these reasons I believe he really does deserve a chance to prove himself further with PAC. It'd greatly benefit the character that he's developed in RP to be
  14. Neutral It doesn't need repeating that the application lacks in detail and effort. While I rarely come in on these things - I do however want to emphasize that your answers to the OOC moderator related sections need immediate and serious review.
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