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  1. Agreed, you cant control if the power turns off
  2. That was awesome... Definitely need to see the rest
  3. Smoke


    When i was wearing my santa pac and he told me "Santa, your job is to sit in that sleigh till christmas" and so i sat in in then got out and boom one punch man and heard him screaming "DID I SAY YOU COULD LEAVE"
  4. Easy to spot @Rickle, wouldn't say shit
  5. im learning to do graphic design yet mine are not even close to how good yours are, so ill take one THX
  6. Decided to write this as I was bored, not really a writer but tell me what you think. Its a little long BTW, like 2 pages Smoke Backstory If you do read this and comment, thx for your input and feedback.
  7. Smoke

    Vaccine System

    @Max I don't believe we should be able to turn it on/off but I do believe that we should be able to get vaccinated and this increases your time between infection by 1 hr or something. The disease system has already been nerfed and there is a cool down of 20 mins between infection but if you can increase the time between infections then that would probably be more to friendly then turning it off. However, I don't think you should be able to get immunizations from big diseases such as imperial curse, but only be able to immunise basic diseases such as the flu as it makes more sense.
  8. Smoke

    Food vendor's

    +1 I don't think we need a hunger bar but maybe eating could not only replenish you health but it could boost it and give you an immunity to the sickness script say an extra 15 -20 mins that it would take for you to become sick again etc
  9. I don't think that SK/RT should be able to taze you if you might them, Fear RP???
  10. What about creating some sort/finding some sort of Endor map or something to have a ground base on???
  11. However, maybe we could make it so you don't get infected in certain areas like the DS, Asia believe that if an opt in/out function is added it will just remove the panic as you realise that hey I've been infected for 5 mins and only have 20 HP left. If there is some way to stop infection in certain areas of the ship/ds I believe this would be better.
  12. I watched this again and legit got tears in my eyes it's just amazing to think how far we have come and I don't even know how lucky I am to be part of this amazing community called IG. Thanks everyone.
  13. Cya man, hope to see you in the future. o7
  14. To lazy to stay up that late, you've just given me some incentive 😂😂 thx
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