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  1. like your graphic designer tag under your name
  2. Hello there, also I think you may be missing some tags???
  3. O7. Gunna miss you man you were an amazing event master
  4. Good bye Good luck with wherever you end up
  5. Smoke


    Hello , nice to meet ya
  6. Smoke

    Hello There

    I hope that since you put your hand forward in a gesture of friendship that we get to meet. You seem like a genuine, kind guy. Welcome Back
  7. Welcome, I hope to see you around and thanks for coming back
  8. Hello lads and lassies, top of the mornin. Good on ya basil for doing this MISSION PASSED +1 Respect
  9. What time was this at 😂
  10. In all seriousness @Ben the only people that really have a right to call themselves or others by that name are African Americans, just cause you are Polynesian and Maori doesn't mean you can use words that are racist to another race. If people of that race are calling each other by that name than that's there choice, but they really shouldn't use words that discriminate each other is plain sad. However, it's absolutely unacceptable for those not inside that race to use derogatory words or comments. And unless I'm mistaken in history people of Polynesian or Maori descent were called Indians not
  11. @Lachlan it has 128 player slots like ig
  12. just for when people are naughty
  13. Welcome to the community!!
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