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  1. 8 hours ago, SiegeMonkey said:

    Obviously top heavy isn't great but CL3's aren't really treated as being a "high rank" on the server to be honest. The other big issue is cutting slots by that much will result in people being stuck in the same rank for months which becomes quite annoying.

    The problem with officer cuts is nobody in high command likes demoting people who aren't doing a good job, for whatever reason..

    Also, with the ISB Agent to Shore officer thing, ISB characters are PK'd 90% of the time when you leave ISB so you're not keeping that character, it's more so that all the time you spent grinding through the ranks in that regiment doesn't turn out to be a waste of time (When you leave Inquisitors or Imperial Guard, you get set to Private because their ranks don't really have a proper equivalent that they can move to since their ranks work differently) 

    I think it should take longer to get to CL3 and I also believe that High Command of whatever branch you're in should have to say yes/no before being promoted. They should also have to be able to explain what they have actually done in that regiment to deserve an officer position.


    I think the best and easiest change that could be made is to demote anyone who leave a CL3/4 position to Warrant Officer I so they have to re-earn the ability to be an officer. When people go to a new regiment, they should have to prove to their new Commanding Officer that they are competent troopers/officers. Different commanders have different standards

    I 100% agree with this especially the longer to get to CL3 and the High Command getting a Yes/No say (would also give them something to do apart from standing round waiting for events XD)

  2. As many of you may not know the Imperial Navy has spent the last few days participating in mandatory Sexual Harassments and Xeno tolerance classes because someone didn't realize the Grand Admiral @Rad_Cop could see Navy comms and said and I quote (well...along these lines...) "I fucking hate Xenos" and "we all know thrawn is just painted blue and has contacts".....(What a fucking idiot) and the Grand Admrial for some reason took offence. Anyway thought I'd link some snippets of what happened in these classes below for your personal entertainment but also to show the Grand Admiral that we take these things very...very seriously....


    Practicing how to have conversations that are not classified sexual harassment to a Giant Bird...


    What happens if you fail the sexual harassments practice conversation (DEMON BIRD)


    Learning to say "Xenos are people too"


    Where this whole problem all started


    And now an insight into what cost effective methods we employ to power the ISD with





  3. 10 hours ago, Mongo said:

    Have no idea what you'll get set to, you're likely a Major General based on the fact Compforce changed ranks around a lot very recently.



    Thats good news I suppose XD

  4. Hello Everyone I'm BACKKKKKKKK,

    TL;DR: I got bored of being the mingineer CO after being rank locked for 400+ days but now I'm back

    Ima keep this short n simple, after playing solidly for about 2 and a half/ 3 years I took a massive break after being super duper burnt out from being in a stagnant commanding role for too long (by my choice alone as I really enjoyed it), I came back for a little bit early this year (in compforce) and then once again left having to focus on my study.....but its the holiday season and gifts are aplenty so I thought I'd come back to stay for a while moving into a more relaxed role where I don't have to be as active as I'm still studying (If ya got reg. suggestions slap em below). I look forward to diving back in. I've missed you all (especially you @Delta) and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone and seeing you around. 


    And now a Christmas joke:

    Why is Santa always so happy?


    ....Because he knows where all the naughty girls are.


    With love <3,

                      Big Smoke


    Ps. After logging in today looks like I'm now a Major General XD


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  5. @Mongo @Bailey just to clarify what do you mean by most models seem to be made by other players. Theres only 2 models made by other players. Unless of course your talking about the 3D rendered models. Id like to get more clarification to see what exactly you mean.

    - Thanks 


    Thanks for clarification 😘

  6. Steam Name:


    Steam Profile Link:

    In Game Details

    In Game Name: Smoke

    In Game Rank: Captain

    In Game Regiment: SK/RT

    Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence):


    PAC3 Tier 2 Questions

    What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? 

    Since receiving tier 1 PAC I have created multiple things, ranging from armour and weapon modifications, custom animations and handmade models, to custom imported and 3D rendered models that are then imported into the game to allow for greater versatility and modification to the basic player model. I've experimented with proxies and animations in my own worlds and have learnt the basics of tier 2 PAC and the advanced tools and creative opportunities that come with the role. I have also tried to help and assist others in any way possible in any and all PAC questions and have also guided less experienced members through PAC and recommended YT viedos to help them learn what I cant explain and also recommendations on how to further improve there PAC's and skills. 

    How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC 3? 

    I have aimed to improve the RP of players by creating models that allow for interaction, from custom animations of welding and cutting whilst in engineers, to custom models for armour and weapons. I believe that these additions allowed people to experience and immerse themselves in a more custom and enjoyable experience on the server. I also believe that I have given my character, and in turn my RP a deeper and more developed backstory as it allows for me to customize battle wounds, kill marks, armour and a variety of other objects that add to the depth of my RP and in turn the RP of the community. I have also been part of utilizing my PAC during events, this allows for increased RP during events both in passive and aggressive events and this also helps benefit the RP of the server.

    What has been improved from the implementation of PAC 3? 

    Whilst having PAC 3 I have broadened my skills, not only in the creation of PACS but in the teaching of others to use PAC. If you look back at my original PAC application you will see a huge diffrence between what I wear today and what I used to wear. I have increased my skills in creating handmade models, and also cutting and importing 3D models off other models to use on my PAC's. I've learnt to bind PAC's to events, create custom animations and armour, custom models and weapons and custom lighting and asthetics to my model. I have gone from being a beginner in PAC, to becoming a teacher and person that people recognize on the server for cool and unique PAC's and this is one of my most proudest achievements during my time on the server.

    - Thanks for Reading,

    Love you all <3,



    PAC3 Examples:

    Engineer PAC - Includes imported chestplate and armour, custom 3D imported rank and features custom models. Cape by cure.



    Basic Engineer PAC - Features custom armour, custom models, custom rank. Robot arm made by swift



    Custom SK/RT PAC - Features handmade models, custom karma, backpack and visor, kill marks, light, custom 3D imported rank, custom flag (ubermolen), 3D imported sword from destiny model, custom antenna, custom eye colour, custom talk animation, custom hologram and custom cuffs



    WIP Gallius Rax Model - Cause who knows maybe ill become Rax - Features custom cape made using proxies from director krennics model, custom hologram, custom shoulder puldrons and custom weapon holster



    Christmas PAC's :O Cause who doesnt like festivities


    If anyone would like details concerning my LOA contact me via discord as I will be answering question behind my LOA privately. I wasnt fully LOA but was on reduced activity and played less often than usual. Am back now, lots of love <3.


  7. Damn boris, you were a good engineer and a good laugh. Always got upto s**t with you even though I was supposed to be in-charge, you will be sorely missed in this community. I enjoyed our time together and make sure to jump back into the ENG channel every now and again. 



  8. Well folks, the time finally came for me to retire from the staff team from my SNR Mod position. It was fun lads, but I'm CO of engineers now so its time to pick up my game. Thanks to all the staff that were there to help me through and through. See ya around peeps. 

    Thanks to:

    @Wombatiacus and @kaye (i cant remember your forum name) - For being good supporting SNR mods.

    The staff team for giving me a shot

    To @Galle for always PMing me with "when you gunna come back" 

    To the community for helping me get my application accepted in less than 24hrs (FAST AF)

    To @Gr8_Gatsby for pushing me to get mod #my inspo man

    And to anyone else that played a significant role to me that I've forgotten 


    (Side Note: I'll probs apply again in a few months ;)

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  9. 12 hours ago, Delta said:


    Apology seems sincere and you seem willing to come back and roleplay 

    +1 not to endorse the taking hostage of ISB but i'd be happy to have him back as his apology seems sincere. Also as bailey said it would be good for @Carnifex to shed some light on this.



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  10. On 3/22/2019 at 11:18 PM, Fox said:


    You were a good guy. You have a very genuine apology and you are very honest. I think you are ready to return to IG. What you did was wrong, and you shouldn't have done it. But I think you have learned from it.


    I agree +1

  11. Daym this got toxic real quick, I was not saying that what ScoMo is doing is wrong, I was merely sharing information of what I had found out and wanted to see what the community opinion was. @Katelyn I do not disagree with you, however the 26% decrease in carbon emissions is not near enough. Also I vote for the liberal government more often than not, as I believe that the majority of what they do is right. 

    Also in my person OPINION Scot Morrison the man who walked into parliament house with a lump of coal and said this is the future, we need more of these, has suddenly become concerned with the environment. In my OPINION a man who has been pushing for more and more coal and fire plants cannot be trusted with environmental issues. 

    To anyone who got butt-hurt or annoyed at what I said that is fine, people are allowed to have opinions. Furthermore, I was not stating that we all had to drop our stuff and go invest billions into climate change, just merely stating a fact that I had learnt. If I convinced anyone to change who they were voting for, don't listen to me, take into consideration of what is right and what you believe. 

    Also as @Galle "2 billion people COULD die" I am not saying they will but am just referring to what I heard and am open to other opinions, hell if you convince me the earth is a donut then good on ya for saying what you think, im not a stubborn little bitch that cant take an opposing point, however I don't voice my opinion in a mean, stuck up way.




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  12. [Sorry for the title clickbait but this is important] 

    Was watching a documentary recently on climate change, to cut a long story short what the scientist was saying was "Between 2030 to 2050 over 2 billion people could die from climate change"

    For those of you who cant do math that is 12 years away...12 years. And this made me really nervous, our government in Australia is doing nothing to fix this problem, people are protesting and protesting with no results, but with a federal election coming up soon we must try to get someone into office that wants to secure our future. In Brisbane on Friday over 100,000 school children will be protesting for climate change [This is GREAT] but it's not enough. 

    Was just wondering if any members of the community felt the same way. 



    Not trying to force my political opinions on you and please don't get butt hurt by what I said but am just making some conversation, and see what people think about pressing world issues

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  13. 3 hours ago, Rickle said:

    The only times a shadow guard should be KOSing over AOSing is when a non sith enters the temple, or if the Emperor gives them an order to.

    And No you are not allowed to take your own sits that are against you, but if Zaspan was just telling Sully's his opinion of what happened it isnt that bad.

    What rickle said ^^^ there was no need for him to be killed.. 

    But still waiting on @zaspan side of the story

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