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    Chef, I just don't see the point in donating $20-35 for a droid especially a mouse droid...AND I just realized I put Jango fett instead of Boba
  2. Owl

    New Donation Options

    Understandable, I see I have made many mistakes and overstepped my boundaries due to being new on the server. Sorry,
  3. Owl

    New Donation Options

    Sorry, I must have not been around then. Thank you for informing me.
  4. Hello, i don't think most of you know me but I'm NG Trainee Owl. I want to donate and help the server but I also wanna get something and the droids just don't seem that interesting to me. May I suggest a donation from a different server I used to play on where you can donate $70-100 USD or 91.37-130.60 AUD for a custom battalion which are both the same prices in a price converter, Of course their will be restrictions the battalion has to have some sort of lore aspect to it and has to be approved by Owners/Admin or a refund will be made if not seen a suitable battalion by the Owners/Admins. Instead of a custom battalion you could have a Pre-Battalion by the admins, and in order to get a battalion you have to meet some requirements set by admins, maybe a certain amount of play time,warns, or even kicks/bans. Another idea is to pay like $40 USD or 52.42 AUD for a Sub-Battalion like say you're a Medic and you want to be a special type of medic so what you would do is ask you Co if you can donate for a Sub-Battalion and if the admins and your CO are cool beans with it then you can donate for a Sub-Battalion for instance on my previous server the Medics had a Sub-battalion called Para-Troopers and they had a designated leader. Instead of all this expensive and wild stuff how about simple things like instead of donating 25 AUD for ONE droid how about a Silver,Gold, and Platinum packages that all come with different things like Silver=Mouse Droid,Astromech Droid,MINOR VERY MINOR/LIMITED Bounty Hunter and a silver donator tag in chat and more little things, Gold= Silver + Hk series droid,Gold donator tag in chat,2 Minor Bounty Hunters like Greedo or Bossk and more little things, Platinum=Gold+Silver,Kx series droid special weapon skins(MAYBE), Boba Fett and Bossk. Of course you can easily add on to these packages if you want...OOOOOH I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT THIS MAYBE EVEN MAKE CERTAIN SITH LORD AVAILABLE IF THEY ARE NOT ALREADY. i know you can but Jump Trooper Commander right now but when I say Premade battalion I mean battalion that have never has a CO and are new or like Jump Troopers their CO has either been inactive or just banned etc. ~Sincerely, NG Trainee Owl
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