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  1. Xane

    IG-88 droids

    There can only be one IG-88 droid in this town partner
  2. They can farm quests as much as they want but they can't exceed there daily conversion limit so that would solve that problem
  3. My bad it just gave off a smart ass vibe haha
  4. Credits - Points Conversion System So i have been thinking of this idea for a while now and i'm not sure if anyone else has suggested this but here we go, I'm suggesting a system which allows players to transfer there credits into points reasons being Not everyone likes to spend credits on gambling and or hiring bounty hunters Players that don't have time to play chunk hours every week are at a disadvantage and then slower to save to get store items Players would have another reason to do quests People who don't have a lot of spare time will be able to do quests wh
  5. Xane

    Cashy Ban Appeal

    I didn't see that lol
  6. Xane

    Cashy Ban Appeal

    Comment Removed
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