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  1. I was on 2 days ago D: you must of missed me
  2. Thank you all for the feedback appreciate it!
  3. Xane

    IG-88 droids

    There can only be one IG-88 droid in this town partner
  4. Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!
  5. No hard feelings taken i'm sorry you feel this way, it's a hard situation to explain but i shouldn't have explain it since that community has absolutely nothing to do with IG.. for instance i don't think people would care if someone got permanently banned on a DarkRP or HarryPotterRP for example... but all feedback is appreciated your free to your own opinion thanks for the feedback!
  6. Yeah sorry about that I forgot about the spoiler feature, thanks for the support I’ll make sure to use it in other forum posts that contain mass photos
  7. The link explains it all for anyone who is interested in what goes on in another community. However this does not reflect my actions on IG and has nothing to do with this community, it was a problem which I explained and is being delt within that community please don’t use this to reflect my actions on this server + note that I have never been warned and or banned/kicked on EG previously and also had access to pac3 before the server was put up again regardless Thanks for the feedback
  8. I don't think i have spoken to you in soooo long, but each to their own opinion thanks for the feedback regardless
  9. Ran out of reactions for the day but thank you for the feedback!
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