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  1. Steam Name: (ig) Bubblesgaming Age:15 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:103652313 In Game Name and Rank: Private Prodigy Stormtrooper Time Played (Server Time): 6days 23 hours Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): 3 warns player disrespect fail RP fail RP Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): I have on another server but it is under development Why are you applying to be an event master: So i can help create events and become a good event master for imperial gaming and the other server What can you bring to the event master team: A funny and serious personality and a wacky sense of humour. I can make fun and amazing events from my creative head so I can think of different events What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative: By making different and weird events so it can change the type of things people will think so it will make it fun Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: No but I have tried them before on a different server Anything else you would like to add: no Please fill out both event ideas and provide much detail as possible Event Idea 1: The Package, some random people request to come aboard the ship so they let them come on and ask questions as to why they wanted to come on they didn't want to tell them because they said it was a secret and just keep saying that until they just give up and search the ship for anything. isb found two strange packages so they order troopers to bring them to isb to check what is inside, one of the packages arrives so they search it and find a bomb inside and it explodes killing some isb members and destroying most of isb the second package is still getting delivered and explodes killing a few troopers and triggering the Defcon to 3 as some random people start boarding the ship so they can take over the ship and use it against other ships. troopers start fighting against the people invading the ship and kill them all, event over. Event Idea 2: Invasion, On a nice day on the ship some rebels, decided to start shooting at the star destroyer with X-wings and some Y-Wings so the ship is forced to go into DEFCON 3 and pilots command into a dog fight between the rebels and have a massive dog fight, during that some rebels come aboard the ship and try stealing some information from isb by acting like an Isb member but they are actually a rebel trooper, while they are doing that someone finds them doing strange things and sees him run away to try to escape the ship the isb trooper alerts that there is an imposter isb member and puts every trooper to find him before he escapes the ship the troopers find him and arrest him to ask him questions why he is trying to find something in isb meanwhile the dog fight is nearly finished and the imperial pilots have won, event over. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms of applying: 1. You may bump your application every 7 days after the last bump/post (1 week) 2. Any user may provide feedback by +1 and or -1 your application 3. Advertising your application in OOC, chat box, personally telling people and any sort of social media will lead to your application deny 4. Failing to answer questions can lead to your app being denied 5. False information can lead to your application being denied 6. Failing to meet the requirements can lead to either your app being put on hold or denied 7. Must have more than 3 days on the server 8. To Clarify, you do NOT need to know the basic ULX commands however we prefer you learn before being accepted. 9. Asking for help from staff and/or past staff members will result in your application being denied, to avoid this you may look over accepted event apps to use as inspiration but not copied. Agreement: I accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.
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