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  1. Due to it being the spooky season, it gives alot of free rein for the Event Masters to mess around & provide events that jump out of the usual server rules/lore restraints. This year we're going to be bringing you at series of 3 events over the next couple days. They'll be as follows. Tarkin's Return - 30/10 - 6:00pm AEDT Joke Event with Grand Moff Tarkin coming back from the dead, blaming our ISD for the loss of his superweapon. He seeks to capture 6 Holocrons to ban half the server with it's power. Combine Yakuza's Assault - 31/10 - 7:00 AEDT The Com
  2. @TomCos Searched for it in the old 501st discord, man's deleted his YT. Might be gone for good
  3. Hello Imperial Gaming, today I'm going to be introducing the Event Map Rotation system to the server. This system will allow for quicker map changes & better offship events to be ran. The system works like such: - The current event maps on the server will be divided in to 3 different map collections with each collection being used on the server over a period of 2 months - Once all the collections have been used on the server over a 6 month period the collections will be revised with old maps removed & new maps added. - When a Rotation switches over to the next, all prev
  4. Hello, Imperial Gamers. It's time for my first rotation schedule. Going to be cycling though a few of the older maps this month, with a cheeky surprise on the 28th. Rotation schedule for next month will be as follows. Rotation Schedule: Wednesday 06/10 - Titan Base Thursday 07/10 - Titan Base Thursday 21/10 - Fort Mithraw (Day)* Thursday 28/10 - Surprise Rotation Any questions contact myself over TS or Discord. *There might be some dubious hunting of Ewoks later that night
  5. Announcing the first Imperial War Games! The idea behind the Imperial War Games is to run monthly competitions/tournaments for members of all branches and regiments on the server so that everyone will have the opportunity to showcase their skills against their peers in a friendly and competitive environment with those that perform the best receiving rewards (like IHC are known for doing) The Tournament As in the past, all branches and regiments are encouraged to participate in the tournament. If you wish for your regiment to participate, please read the notes below
  6. They did my Furst Captain dirty. 2/10 Shit Season
  7. Inferno Squad CO 'Iden Versio' Applications With @Kristofer stepping back from Inferno, to a more laid back role for Management. The Inferno Squad CO Position has opened up, with COMPNOR looking for a strong CO to take over the squad. With this we have decided to open up applications to the community with the only requirement being: Must currently hold CL3+ on the server or previously held CL4+ The Application can be found here Applications close on the 28th of March, Goodluck to those who apply.
  8. @Angus@Noni Need your expert knowledge on this important shit
  9. ISB Meme Dump And Finally cred to Sterling
  10. @Bailey Got some real spooky stuff coming up this month, like an event where Director Krennic commits Tax Evasion and the IRS come after him. (Also where are them Halloween Emojiis???) @Dirthi Ugghh, ask my supervisor @Kristofer
  11. "Operation Raptured Scimitar" With the capture of 'General Tortera' during Operation 3rd Lambda (Rishi Campaign), the Empire has found an ally in the once opposing General as he begun to both join and work with the Empire proving them with intelligence regarding the next moves for the CIS Remenants. This has resulted in General Tortera providing Imperial High Command with intelligence of an ongoing assault on 'Naboo' due to the CIS seeing it as a strategic hold allowing for further claims of the galaxy as they continue to drone in swarms
  12. In regards to this, the server aims to stick to canon lore as much as possible. With the main exception to that canon lore rule being it broken if so provides unique/interesting content for the server. Best example of this is properly Rishi Moon base due to it providing a ton options for the server in terms of being a staple rotation map, but issues regarding it's existence in lore. With legends materiel not being canon to the server it is usually played around with to better fit the server, allowing for a ton of freedom. With Legends usually being my inspiration for events, by taking them and
  13. Lore Wise, placing the server in a specific year/time period has always been iffy due to the amount of restrictions which would need to be placed on content if a specific year/time period was chosen. With the Rough Idea being the server is set in a 'Rouge One Based' Period in between the Years 5 BBY to 0 BBY, as a way to allow a majority of the server's content in terms of regiments and groups to still exist and not draw contradictions. Best example of this is Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Inquisitors being on the server, if we declared the server to be set at a specific year during Rogue One b
  14. Hmm, I wonder who came up with posting this on the forums.....
  15. Arkan

    Ban appeal

    Have to agree given the long time since the ban
  16. Give the information and context provided by Bailey in regards to the situation. I find it very hard to find reasoning or redemption to the actions you have committed. -1
  17. MC Name: Auziis_Sister (No Comment)
  18. Arkan

    Nerf Dio

    Beg to differ, I reckon cycling roles monthly will better the server
  19. By far the best post i've seen in the last 2 years in the community
  20. @Wombatiacus You have no proof that ISB was involved with the raid.
  21. Arkan

    ridge ban

    -1 Not using the correct template linked above along with your appeal lacking effort.
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