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  1. +1 Trustworthy, and a long time member of IG. Mature Obviously knows how to use PAC3 and wont abuse it. Good luck doood
  2. +1 Well rounded fella, Mature! Good luck champ
  3. @Kellogs ;)) will you be my valentine ? *offers promotion and flowers*
  4. Ralla

    A Real Masterpiece

    * Coughs * I challenge you boi
  5. +1 Nice Pacs Clearly already trusted by the community. Good Luck buddy!
  6. +1 Nice PAC's Friendly guy! Good luck buddy
  7. +1 Good guy, would never abuse this tool. Came to me with an innovative idea to utilize PAC to train recruits easier. I would like to see him use PAC to put his idea in to action. Good Luck my dude!
  8. +1 Helped me with my PAC stuff a few weeks back, I can safely say that I trust him. Good Luck!
  9. tyber, good to see you again
  10. +1 Known Dragz for a while, overall good lad and heaps trusted. Good luck buddy!
  11. +1 It's become aware that he knows how to utilize PAC3 to enhance his RP. Overall good lad, and does not abuse his privileges! Good luck buddy!
  12. +1 Long time member Nice guy! Good luck buddy
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