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  1. I'm still in the process of sorting through my addons and eliminating the broken ones, so whenever I find them all I'll let you know. I don't know what I can actually do to fix the issue permanently other than to not use some of the content. Edit: Wow... I just realised I'd subscribed to the old content pack. I was wondering why it said 'N/A'... I've subbed to the new up to date pack and I'll see if that fixes anything.
  2. Dear Support Team Member, I booted up GMod on boxing day (26/12/17), connected to Imperial Gaming and immediately crashed as soon as I loaded in. A few days later after trying to fix the issue I managed to get it to freeze instead of crashing. It loads until it hits 'sending client info' then I hear some sounds from in-game and it just goes silent. Then it sits there frozen. I've left it to load for over six hours and it hasn't loaded in, I've updated my drivers, I've removed about two hundred gigs of games and I've re-installed and un-installed TF2 and it seems that game is irrel
  3. I already did, I swear to god if Garry's Mod continues to break I'm gonna go to Valve's HQ and have a serious chat with Gaben, not that he would see me through the pile of money he's got from Steam lol.
  4. Your cat wouldn't happen to know how to troubleshoot would they? Fucking GMod's being a dick and keeps crashing on connect to certain servers, IG is one of them It was fine for like the past three days and I thought I'd fixed it, but it's not letting me join again. So... does your cat know how to troubleshoot? Because I do, but everything I try doesn't work... maybe if I give it snacks as payment it will help me?
  5. Nevada

    ImperialRP change

    Sounds awesome! I am intrigued.
  6. Oh... My... God. THAT WAS AMAZING. Hornet was really funny! Maybe I'll go join ST's.
  7. You are not well known, you're mingey, disrespectful and too young to be trusted. Add to that the fact that your application is... well, horrible and I'm sorry but you've displayed no effort and I must give you a -1
  8. What was the first documentary?
  9. My backstory, will get me pk'd... so rip.
  10. I think Christmas came early. HERMES IS BACK WHOOOO!!!!!
  11. The damn titles get me every time! I swear my heart skips six beats as soon as I see a clickbaity "I'm leaving" title.
  12. Lol! Maybe it's a purple bunny rabbit? Or a teddy bear?
  13. My backstory hasn't been written in a biographical format, does that make it, not backstory?
  14. I'm a rebel who kills rebels. Nuff' said.
  16. I've only got one question for you, mate. Why are we here?
  17. I remember my first ever regiment I had just joined the Server. Wilson showed me the Shore Trailer and I was HOOKED. Then I went on to help out in the Shock Trailer back when I used to be called Tex. But I had been wondering what happened to them. This sounds awesome!
  18. Why... was Pureus permabanned from the forums and the server? Somebody care to explain it to me?
  19. Your application doesn't skimp on detail or lack of content and it is highly detailed. You're also a very trustworthy person and make an effort to help others. I believe you have all the qualities needed to be an Event Master. +1
  20. Tatsu is a natural leader and I've learned much from him. He's kind and considerate and I believe he can help the server out a lot. +1
  21. ... What the actual fuck? I got pk'd again... so... yay? I guess 'Graves' is now a dead person never to be seen again... UNLESS HE'S ACTUALLY ME AND HE ROSE FROM THE GRAVE TO LIVE AGAIN. DUN DUN DUN!!!!
  22. Cya later. But don't forget... WE ARE TROOPERS! Sorry that was... really cringe.
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