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    im 20 in Australia. I enjoy the server. the events are kind of strange. i don’t understand what we are meant to do. I find it hard to connect to with people, I also get sad sometimes so if I sound distant I’m sorry i enjoy anime as some may know, See you round the server bois
  2. Yeah that’s what I want to avoid obviously. The other part of the idea, and this is why I’m talking about these characters around events. Is every now and again, have try outs for event Jedi. so they don’t get special skins or anything normally, but if no sith want to be in an event. You train people who want to, to be able to use Jedi stuff for events. Like I would be up to just being showed how to use it, so in events sith has someone to fight and for some fun RP stuff where we talk and then fight or something. just so the troops can all fight without having to con
  3. I’ve been doing events the last couple days, being event characters pretty much every event. I think having some sort of melee unit added would be good, mainly for the event stuff. I’m thinking this because of the sith. being a shooting character in the events vs the sith is honestly a nightmare. You either accidentally shoot them and they attack and kill you, or they randomly jump you... a melee unit could be used in events as jedi, considering sith often don’t want to be even characters (or at least in every event I’ve been in). Maybe make the melee unit that guy from
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