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  1. It's been a hard and long time of thought but I have decided that I will be resigning from Moderator and from Garry's Mod. There are many reasons for why I have decided this but I don't want to go into detail. I may come on every once in a while to say hi. Thank you all for the memories and laughs, it's been fun. Farewell, -Mirror
  2. I am truly shook It's sad to see you go Thanks for being the Greatest So long, my friend -Mirror
  3. I've been suffering from this for a while now, Frenchy you're a genius.
  4. Mirror


    Welcome to Garry's Mod and the Imperial Gaming Community -Mirror
  5. Noo Maxine, Don't leave me Best Wishes
  6. Lately I have been inactive because Garry's Mod hasn't been working for a few days now and for some other reasons. I have fixed my game, though I will be taking a break from Gmod for about a week for some personal reasons. I will be on every now and then but not a lot. -Mirror
  7. I don't like the idea of different coloured Troopers for different roles in one Regiment because I think there are already too many regiments that are like that. It makes it look like there are too many different Regiments when there sometimes aren't even enough Troopers for the ones we need. I reckon it would look good if this Black/Yellow Model was used for the Troopers in Nova and the Commander used a different Black/Yellow Model. Or as you get to a higher rank (e.g. Captain+) You get different Nova armour. I just disagree with the different colours. -Mirror
  8. They're all beautiful You know why?.. bc you're in none of them <3
  9. Hello, Kumo Welcome to Imperial Gaming. -Mirror
  10. Welcome, haven good stay Get it? Hi i'm Mirror and I struggle to make friends.
  11. Mirror

    Mas Amedda

    -1 Like most of the others have said, I do like the idea of having him used in Events. He was not developed much as a Character in the films and we don't know too much about him at all so it's hard to tell how someone would RolePlay him. -Mirror
  12. -1 In RolePlay you will experience, see and know things that can be restricted to ONLY your regiment. If we have people mixing with other regiments under the one player, there may be situations that could ruin RP or even not make it as fun. (E.g.) You can't know about the construction of the Death Star as an ISB or an Engineer and at the same time pretend you heard nothing when you switch to your role as Vader's Fist. This feature could create easier ways to minge as well. (E.g.) If someone decides to have a serious role as a position in the Navy but also have a role in N
  13. Everything sounds pretty good, except for the Royal Guard. The reason that the nicer looking Royal Guard model was changed back to the old ones was because the model itself isn't really beneficial to RG's performance. The model's cape is not made using physics, thus making it vulnerable to taking damage. When duelling the cape sticks out quite a lot and takes A LOT of damage, causing Royal Guard to be defeated VERY quickly. I believe Achilles is looking into a model with the correct physics that he can use once again. -Mirror
  14. +1 I need to get my rank changed on the forums to Trial Moderator, somehow. -Mirror
  15. -1 I like the HUD we have at the moment. I will say though, that the new XP bar slightly annoys me for some weird reason. -Mirror
  16. Good to have u back, Sidio
  17. Thanks Gamma, we appreciate you
  18. Though I am no longer a Commander, this Command Book is very helpful for leadership skills in general. It's always handy to have a useful guide and I will definitely be using this. Thankyou -Mirror
  19. I agree And either way I believe that for regiments such as the Knights of Zakuul, there should be NO such thing as tryouts. -Mirror
  20. Don't leave me for too long ok? Goodbye my friend all the best. -Mirror
  21. Why did I expect one of these from Mr Divisionary Keep your head up man. All the best for the future, my friend. -Mirror
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