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  1. I would have thought the "......" implied sarcasm. He did clarify in the next sentence. I personally don't care that much but people complaining about posts on the forums that could easily be skipped seems counter-intuitive
  2. You do understand that he has asked management to fix this and seems he was just dropping a reminder that it is still a problem but now you guys complaining about it has turned what should be a 1 post reminder into a 6+ post argument. You could have just as easily ignored his post and left your downvote. Just my 16 cents
  3. I was in rescue troopers from when they first were added. They had a shield and i can confirm that they did in fact make an incredible difference
  4. I was in rescue troopers from when they first were added. They had a shield and i can confirm that they did in fact make an incredible difference
  5. Yeah that stops your rank level from progressing but i believe your overall playtime count still progresses.
  6. Snowy


    *cries in medic* -1 Denied Reapply in 1 week
  7. this was not a good choice of positioning for medbay, this is going to be very interesting. I cannot emphasise the amount of interestingness that is going to take place in the area that medbay is located mainly because of the new distance that sperates ISB from medbay which is going to make things exceptionally interesting i look forward to the future
  8. Just for clarification as i am currently away, when you say live do you mean the server is currently using Star Destroyer V2.2 as default map or it has been released to the public and it still being hotfixed for any issues.
  9. If you have tried unsub/resub to content and it doesnt work, i had similar issue and ended up going into my steam directory and deleting garrys mod, as expected this removed everything (some 50 gig of addons that i had previously unsubscribed from). But i'd advise taking this as a last resort as you'll have to reinstall gmod+content But its nice if you want to make a 'fresh start'
  10. These numbers are rough estimates as we were using stopwatches to time to empty mag etc, doubt it would be 100% accurate but gives a rough idea
  11. Bullets in mag/Time to empty mag = Rounds per second
  12. What would there be included on v3?
  13. Once seeing Tackxo's Weapon Damage Sheet, i decided to share one that the RS/MT made. Noticing a major flaw, your sheet doesn't display the weapon DPS as guns fire at different rates. I also noticed a few damage values being inconstant between the two documents. E.g. You say the RT-97C does 35 damage, just checked ingame on multiple people at different range's, it does 24-26 (25 avg). Anyway, hope this sheet can help EM's and Caboose/Martibo manage weapon balancing. If you want a weapon added to the list just notify me/dane and we'll be happy to. Totally a virus ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. @Fox I believe Anix is handling it ingame, but when he had a chat to the medics, he implied that we were equally at fault for this incident when really Salty was the one who caused this aids. Personally, we already had a chat with Vader, with Wolf and Carnifex present and i thought it had been handled fine, so idk what happening.
  15. I would have to say that 501st were in the wrong here: here's step by step 1. Polar (MT) being held hostage 2. Bass Free's him ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Don't care about that shit, that's not what caused the mass fights ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 3. Brigadier Plutonic gets RDM'd by Salty who had just run out of his spawn 4. Rescue troopers respond appropriately and shoot salty? ----> VF decide to join combat ? am confused how this is blowing up more than it should.\ - Also in regards to Kix being Rescue model, he was helping me with PAC ooc
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