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  1. Well not much more i can say that Twinkie hasn't already covered on answering your questions. Getting well known can be fairly hard as there are quite a substantial number of players on the server and a consistent playtime doesn't always yield results in the short term. For example, when i applied for PAC i had been playing avg 4.8 hours a day for 2 months and there where still quite a few people who did not know who i am. Pretty much try re-applying when you believe that you are known among the more dedicated members of the community to the point where few people say that they don't know you. As Twinkie said, committing to a regiment and achieving high rank often leads to being noticed.
  2. -1, Reasons all above Have a look at some previously accepted PAC/EM apps to get an idea of whats expected of the application if you are unsure.
  3. Yeah that stops your rank level from progressing but i believe your overall playtime count still progresses.
  4. Snowy


    *cries in medic* -1 Denied Reapply in 1 week
  5. Medics, prepare for PAC patrol
  6. this was not a good choice of positioning for medbay, this is going to be very interesting. I cannot emphasise the amount of interestingness that is going to take place in the area that medbay is located mainly because of the new distance that sperates ISB from medbay which is going to make things exceptionally interesting i look forward to the future
  7. Just for clarification as i am currently away, when you say live do you mean the server is currently using Star Destroyer V2.2 as default map or it has been released to the public and it still being hotfixed for any issues.
  8. | Neutral | Will change to +1 if you put the effort into learning how to use PAC before receiving it, try throw around some new idea's | Subject to Change |
  9. -1 Would Like to see more playtime (As said above 1 week+ is the usual) Application could use a bit more detail Im sure you are a nice guy but i don't believe you meet the 'requirements' for PAC at this stage | Subject to Change |
  10. If you have tried unsub/resub to content and it doesnt work, i had similar issue and ended up going into my steam directory and deleting garrys mod, as expected this removed everything (some 50 gig of addons that i had previously unsubscribed from). But i'd advise taking this as a last resort as you'll have to reinstall gmod+content But its nice if you want to make a 'fresh start'
  11. New phone, who dis? +1
  12. | Neutral Leaning to +1 | | Would like to see some more detail as template specifies 1 Paragraph answers |
  13. + 1 Would poach from 442nd again Try adding a little more detail to your app
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