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  1. My graphics card is being used to run Garry's Mod. Is there anything else to try?
  2. Another Update Hey guys, I switched to the new Content Pack (by Martibo) and it seems I still crash with it. Could this be due to my computer RAM? (I only have 4GB)
  3. Quick Update Sometimes I get past "Sending Client Info" and it loads up the community forums menu thing in-game, and then it instantly crashes. With certain pages of add-ons enabled, it will crash and sometimes will not.
  4. Here’s how things went, in order. Joining the server without mods is Ok. Playing single player with all mods is ok With a few add ons, I only enabled one page of add ons and was able to join And, all my add ons are just the ones from the pack. There was no crashing involved when trying this, what should I do next?
  5. Hey buddy, that is what happens to me too. It’s rather it’s stuck loading an add-on or I am stuck on sending client info.
  6. I did try that, but didn’t work.. thanks for your response though!
  7. There are problems with crashing when attempting to join with the content pack with me and others, here's what I have tried: -Unsubscribed and resubscribed to the content pack -Made sure that Allow to download all content from server -Reviewed integrity of game files on steam -Uninstalled/Reinstalled Garry's Mod -Known Team Fortress 2 Bug that would crash while loading in a server//disabled TF2 on Garry's Mod Things that I currently did to fix a problem: -Would be stuck on materials/icon64/pac3/png.bz2 while loading and crash//Fixed by installing pac3 T
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