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  1. @Little5avage Would you like to speak over TS sometime?
  2. Ok well that explains the permaban then thanks for telling me.
  3. Also if you guys can find out what my cousin did to get me permabanned. Thanks if you can.
  4. Steam Name: Pickle | Eclipse Gaming Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:27707503 In game name and rank: Storm Marine Private How long was the ban: Perma Staff who banned you: General Little When was the ban: 12/21/17 Reason for ban: (None Given) It says Explain the situation: So I decided to give my account to my cousin for a short time while I was away and I told him not mess with GMOD (because hes a dumbass) and he didn't listen so I guess he either A.Pissed off staff or B. RDMed and just a couple of days ago I decided to start officially play some sta
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